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30. What country had a history of isolating itself
31. Ecosystem that covers most of Russia
coniferous forest
32. What was the Cold War
Soviet Union competed for power with US, although never fought directly
33. What was the goal of perestroika
change from command system to private ownership
34. Does Russia have a higher standard of living now as compared to under Communism
35. How did Soviet policies affect the environment of Siberia
Asian expanse, few residents, permafrost, pollution
36. Has life expectancy increased in Russia
37. What 2 resources have helped Georgian economy
agriculture and machinery manufacturing
38. C Asia has more or less ethnic conflicts than Caucasus
39. Terrain of C Asia
varies, mountains in SE, W flat, 2 large rivers flow from mountains to lowlands to Aral Sea
40. Why is the population of C and SW Asia unevenly distributed
live near sea, away from deserts
41. Country that has a large section below sea level
42. Body of water in SW Asia that petroleum production in center of
Persian Gulf
43. Largest SW Asian country to border Russia
44. Predominant religion in C and SW Asia