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The internel female organs are located in the lesser pelvis and are protected by this.
pelvic girdle (bony pelvis)
Another name for the external female genitalia.
What structures make up the adnexa?
fallopian tubes and overies
What hormones do the ovaries produce?
estrogen and progesterine
What are the four stages of labor?
1. onset to fully dilated cervix
2. dilated cervix to birth
3. birth to delivery of placenta
4. delivery of placenta to mother's condition stabilizes
The most common surgical intervention during vaginal birth?
Three drugs that cause uterine contraction.
When is it not necessary to use a Mayo stand?
During vaginal procedures
What position is used for C-section?
Supine with arms extended on armboards
This is important to have during delivery to clear infant's airway.
bulb syringe
Blood tubes and syringe are used to?
Draw blood from the cord artery for cord gasses.
Two common reasons for C-section are?
cephalopelvic disproportion
failure to progress
A low transverse incision used for C-section is called?
How many counts are performed during a C-section and when?
4 are performed.One at beginning of case,
second when closing the uterus, third when closing the peritoneum, fourth when closing the skin.
How many cord clamps are used?
2 clamps, often Kelleys-they go with the infant when removed from field- don't forget to include them in your count
Name five methods used to accomplish tubal ligation.
silastic bands
What instrument is used to grasp the tube during tubal ligation?
Colpotomy is performed in what position?
Name three ways to perform a tubal ligation.
vaginal colpotomy
How are the fallopian tubes
sent as specimens after removal?
In separate containers labeled
right and left.
Define Tuboplasty.
Microscopic resection and anastomosis of the fallopian tube.
Why is a Tuboplasty performed?
For tubal obstruction causing infertility and to reverse previous tubal ligation.
What is a tongue blade used for in a tuboplasty?
As a cutting surface against which to transect the tube using a #11 knife blade.
How is luminal patency verified during tuboplasty?
By using a lacrimal probe and injecting dye into the uterus.
What is the name of the dye used during tuboplasty?
Indigo carmine.
What is the purpose of using low molecular weight dextran in the pelvis following tuboplasty?
To help keep tissues separated
in order to reduce formation of adhesions and scar tissue.
What does a suture used as a "stent" accomplish during tuboplasty?
It is passed through the lumen to assist with approximation and protection of the lunen.
What instrument is used to approximate the tube during tuboplasty?
An approximation clamp.
The surgical approach to an emergency ruptured etopic pregnancy is?
Open abdominal
During laparoscopic resection of unruptured tubal pregnancy, how is the tube closed?
The tube is not closed but is left open.
Name 3 types of incisions used in gynecological abdominal surgery.
A Veress needle is used for what?
To inflate the abdomen with CO2 to establish a pneumoperitoneum.
What gas is used to create a pneumoperitoneum?
What is the purpose of a saline filled syringe during placement of the Veress needle?
To verify that the abdominal cavity has been entered.
What instrument is placed through the vagina to enable the surgeon to move the uterus?
A uterine manipulator.
If there is a laparoscopic and vaginal approach during a procedure, what must be done?
Two separate setups and instruments must be kept separate during procedure.
Gloves changed.
Which trocar is placed first during a laparoscopy?
10 mm
Why is a colposcopy performed?
To evaluate after an abnormal PAP smear when the cervix appears normal on visual exanimation.
This instrument is placed into the cervical canal to determine the direction and depth of the uterine cavity.
A uterine sound
This instrument is used to grasp the cervix during a hysteroscope.
A tenaculum
The names of two kinds of uterine dilators are?
Hank and Hegar
Some solutions used to distend the uterus during a hysteroscope are?
Marsupialization of Bartholin's cyst does what?
Opens the obstructed cyst by converting the closed cavity into an open pouch.
An Anterior Repair is a repair of what?
a cystocele
A Posterior Repair is a repair of what?
a rectocele
Urinary incontinence may be corrected by this vaginal procedure.
Anterior Repair
What is LEEP?
Loop electrosurgical excision-used to treat cervical cancar
Surgical methods that may be employed to treat cervical cancer.
punch biopsy
CO2 laser
The solution used to "stain" lesions white for better identification during GYN surgeries is what?
3-5% acetic acid
This procedure uses CO2 or nitrous oxide to "freeze" the cervix for treatment of cancer.
What does "follow" the suture mean?
The process of holding the suture taut and away from the suture line while surgeon is placing sutures.
How does a CO2 laser work?
By boiling the water within cells until they explode.
Two types of electrodes used for a LEEP procedure.
If a D&C is performed after the thirteenth week of pregnancy, it is called?
What are specimens from a D&C placed on?
How many specimens are taken during a D&C?
Two- endocervical and endometrial.
What may be placed on an Auvard weighted speculum to catch blood and fluids?
A sterile glove.
Define Myomectomy.
The surgical excision of uterine fibroids.
Clamps used during an Abdominal Hysterectomy are?
Heaney or Heaney-Ballantine.
What is a stick tie?
A suture with a needle on a needle holder.
What is a sponge on a stick?
A folded raytec placed in a sponge stick for blunt dissection or hemostasis.
What routine is repeated several times during an abdominal hysterectomy?
Clamp, clamp, cut, tie
What instrument is used to remove the uterus during an abdominal hysterectomy?
Jorgenson (also called cuff) scissors or Mayo scissors.
LAVH stands for what?
Laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy
During a LAVH, the uterus is delivered how?
Through the vagina.
What is the vaginal cuff?
The opening created in the vagina after removal of the uterus.
What organs are removed during a Total Pelvic Exenteration?
vagina, uterus
cervix, ovaries
rectum, bladder
Fallopian tubes