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Full name for DNA
Dioxiribusnucleic acid
what is the structure of DNA called
Double helix
how are the protiens in DNA made up
amino acids=peptides=protiens found in every loiving thing
what does DNA do
contains gnentic info for all organisms, also a code for traits behavior and chemical process
where is DNA found
it is found in every nucleus of a eukaryote cell
what did the detergent do in the lab
it penetrates the nucleus and dessolves it to let DNA free
what did the meat tenderizer do in the lab
the protien enzymes in it releases DNAfron other protiens in the nucleus
what did the alcohal do in the lab
brought the dna to the top
how many cells do we have
50-100 billion
how does DNA in different parts of the body respond
there is the same dNA throughout the body but different places are told different things
how many pairs of chromosomes do we have?
how many are sex chromosomes
2 (one from each parent
what are the base pairs of the double helix
adenine, thymine and guamine, cytosine
what does the base pairs do?
the order determines everything
what are phynotypes?
physical trait of the organism...the outcome