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Describe When Radiation effects a fetus and how
prior to 8 wks miscarriage, 8-15 dose dependent
Alcohol, when and how it affects fetus
more than 2oz/day in the first trimester = fetal alcohol synd.
Anticonvulsants - dilantin or valproic acid
to reduce risk of effect, take folic acid 2-3 mo before preg.
Maternal Diabetes - type I insulin dependant,
first trimester during organogenesis = malformation
, so want to control diabetes before preg
third trimester = macrosomia(large size)
Timeline of formation in the fetus,
Wk 3-8 period of greatest sensititvity with each organ system
9-38 weeks, period of functional maturation

Wk 3: heart
Wk 4-6.5: Heart upper/lower limb, eyes, ears
Wk6.5-8: heart, upper/lowerlimbs, eyes teeth, palate, genitals, ears
Wk 8-9: eyes teeth palate genitals ears
Wk 9-16: eyes teeth genitals ears
Wk 16-end: eyes teeth genitals

CNS: Throughout
Heart: wk3-8
UpperLimbs: wk 4-9
Eyes: 4.5 - end
lowerlimbs - 4-8
Teeth: 6-end
Palate: 6.5-9
Genitals: 7.5 to end
Ears: 4-20
PKU during preg
Dose relationship b/w mom phenylal levels and microcephaly/ congenital heart disease
Systemic lupus erythematosus
Increase risk of miscarriage
Characteristics of teratogens likely to gain access to the fetus
Low MW, Fat soluble, polar stereospecificity, functional groups, low affinity for plasma proteins
Things to ask for when taking a teratogenic history
Prescription and over the counter meds, occupational history of chemical exposure, travel, radiation history, anesthesia, Maternal familial and consanguinity history