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define and be able to calc p/p/p^2/q^2/2pq
factors affecting hardy weinberg
explain why a particular genetic disorder could be more common in one pop than another
Hardy Weinberg
defines relationship between?
relationship between gene frequency and genotype frequency in a pop
assumptions of hardy weinberg
p = A
q = a
p+q = 1
p^2 + 2pq + Q^2 = 1
factors affecting the HW equilibrium
non-random mating
small pop size can cause genetic drift
non-random mating
stratification (irish african hispanics etc)
asssortative mating (look a like)
negative selection
heterozygote advantage
mutation leads to loss of fitness

you know
HW principle assumes no new mutations

in real life if have HW concerning mutations it means that the rate of mutations is equal to the loss of the allel due to decreased fitness
gene flow
the slow diffusion of alleles throughout the world
coefficient of Inbreeding
F - common genetic ancestor, proba of inheriting the same allele
founder effect
small group breaks off from larger colony by chance, carry abnormal alleles, or abnormally small amount of mutations