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what are the main reasons for for mapping?
2. underst g revol
3. help w strain build
positional cloning
using map position to physically isolate the g
_____________ is called when a g locat affects its funct
neighborhood effect
g of ______________ in e coli are often next to each oth
related function
In genome evol you look at ?
the relative positions of the same g in diff organism
to build a strain it helps to know if?
the alleles you want are linked or not
in euk, recombin analysis can not be used to map the loci of?
in neurospora
first division segregation is?
when the 2 diff alleles segregate into 2 daughter nuclei at first div of meiosis
second div segregation patterns?
as a res of crossover in centrom to locus region. the A and a alleles are still tog in nuclei at end of 1rst div of meiosis
what are M1 patterns?
first division segregation pattern.
freq of MII patterns should be proportional to?
the size of the centromere a/A region. an can be used as meas of that region
what do you do to convert the MII freq to map units?
divide the MII (in the example it was 14 percent) by 2.
is MII freq the same as map units?
a crossover in any meiosis event results in only _______________ recombinant chromatids
50 percent
problem 1
why can you assume that the unaffected people marrying into the family dont have Nail-patella syndrome?
bec the problem states that the disease is rare. its unlikely they are carriers.
nail patella syndrome
whats an indicator that its dominant?
that it shows up in all 3 generations