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Compare and contrast between asexual and sexual repoduction
Asexual-new organism produced from one organism; same offspring
Sexual-two sex cells come together to produce a zygoat; mixture offspring
Explain the differences between mitosis and meiosis.
mitosis-nuceus divides to form two identical nuclei; body cells
meiosis-produces haploid sex cells
What is genetics?
study of herenditary and variation
Define and describe the function of chromosomes
chromosome-structure in nucleus that contains hereditary material
Identifythe differences between DNA and RNA. Descirbe their stucture and fnctions.
DNA-info for organisms growth and function; double heliex
RNA-makes protein that code for DNA; single strand
Name the scienistswo discovered the shape of the DNA module.
Watson and Crick used x-rays Rosalind Franklin tofigure and build DNA
Who is Gregor Mendel? State his law of genetics.
Father of genetics;If you crossed a pre recessive with a pure dominant, you will have a 3:1 dominant to recessive offspring
How is Cystic Fibrosisand Down Syndrome caused?
Cystic Fibosis-homozygous recssive disorder
Down Syndrome-extra copy of chromosome 21
What is the longest phase in the cell cycle?