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Crossing over
process in which homologous chromosomes exchange portions of their chromatids during meiosis
What's meiosis?
process of cell division that produces haploid gametes
What's a genotype?
the genetic information for a trait ex RR- 2 alleles
What's a phenotype?
physical characteristic ex. hair color
what are the 2 types of genotypes?
heterozygous and homozygous
What is a heretozgous genotype?
A genotype w/ 2 different alleles ex. Rr
What is a homozygous genotype?
A genotype w/ 2 of the same alleles ex. RR, rr
what is homologous?
refers to chromosomes that each have a corresponding chromosome from the opposite sex parent
Define diploid
when a cell has the total # of chromosomes ex humans 46
define haploid
when a cell has 1/2 the normal # of chromosomes ex human 23
what is a tetrad?
structure containing 4 chromatids that form during meiosis
what is a chromatid?
one of the 2 identical "sister" parts of a chromosome