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Fundamental attribution error
The dual tendency of observers to underestimate the impact of situational factors and to overestimate the influence of dispositional factors on a person's behavior.
In-group bias
An evaluation of one's own group as better than others.
Hindsight Bias
The inclination to see past events as being predictable.
Bobo Doll Study
Albert Bandura - violence learned by observation.
Illusory Correlation
A situation in which measures of two or more variables are statistically related but are not in fact causally linked— usually because the statistical relation is caused by a third variable.
Pump-Handle Intervention
Dr. John Snow- deals with peripheral aspects of the problem. Cuts off things that most directly and visibly supply the problem.
Root cause Intervention
Attempts to get directly at the basic Cause of the problem.
The groups with which people identify as members.
Just-World Phenomenon
Refers to the tendency for people to believe that the world is "just" and so therefore people "get what they deserve."
Fight-or-flight response
A sequence of internal activities triggered when an organism is faced with a threat; prepares the body for combat and struggle or for running away to safety; recent evidence suggests that the response is characteristic only of males.