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What is activated charcoal?
Finely ground charcoal that binds and absorbs ingested toxins in the gastrointestinal tract.
What are the four actions of asprin?
1. antipyretic (reduces fever)
2. analgesic (reduces pain)
3. anti-inflammatory
4. inhibits platelet aggregation (clotting)
What is epinephrine?
A medication that increases heart rate and BP while easing breathing difficulties by dilating the bronchiole tree. Mostly used to treat anaphylaxis.
what is intraosseous (IO)?
The administration of medication into the bone via injection.
What does nitroglycerin do?
It increases cardiac perfusion by dilating the arteries and relieving the crushing pain associated with angina.
What is polypharmacy?
The use of multiple meds on a regular basis.
What 5 medications can be carried on an EMS unit?
1. oxygen
2. oral glucose
3. activated charcoal
4. aspirin
5 epinephrine
What 3 medications might an EMT be asked to administer?
1. oxygen
2. activated charcoal
3. oral glucose
What 4 medications might an EMT help a patient to self administer?
1. aspirin
2. epinephrine auto-injector
3. metered dose inhaler meds
4. nitroglycerin
What are the 6 general steps in administering medications?
1. Obtain an order from medical control.
2. Verify the proper medication and prescription.
3. Verify the form, dose, and route of the medication.
4. Check the expiration date and condition of the medication.
5. Reassess vital signs.
6. Document.