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Article 2 of the UCC
NY Practice
Domestic Relations
NY Domestic Relations Law
Criminal Law
New York Penal Law
NY Partnership Law
Commercial Paper
Article 3 of the UCC
Real Property
NY GOL (statute of frauds) (GOL = general obligations law), NY RPL (real property law race notice statute), Uniform Vendor and Purchaser Risk Act
Secured Transactions
Article 9 of UCC
NY GOL (relating to offer and acceptance, consideration, and statute of frauds)
Article 16 of the CPLR, NY General Municipal Law (tort act against Municipalities), Non Resident Motorist Statute (NY VTL (vehicle and traffic law))
NY GOL (statute of frauds), NY RPL (mortgage foreclosure), Race Notice Statute
Worker's Compensation
NY Worker’s Compensation Law
No Fault Insurance
NY Insurance Law
Legal Remedies
Most heavily tested = money damages.
Say “plaintiff has the legal remedy of collecting monetary damages…”
2nd = replevin
Legal action to recover personal property from defendant that belongs to the plaintiff
SOL for replevin – 3 years – say “Under the CPLR, the SOL for a legal action in replevin is 3 years from the date the defendant wrongfully refused to return the object”
How you state the law matters! Don’t just say “SOL is 3 years”
3rd = conversion
4th = ejectment
5th = repossession (under Article 9 of UCC)
6th = trespass to chattels
Equitable Remedies
Most heavily tested = specific performance
But if you are talking about specific performance must say “the buyer has the equitable remedy of specific performance” as the grader will look for the word equitable
2nd most tested = equitable remedy of rescission
3rd = reformation of a contract
4th = an accounting
5th = constructive trust
Use 4th and 5th together when defendant is a fiduciary who breached any of his fiduciary duties
6th = TRO
7th = Preliminary injunction
8th = Appointment of a receiver