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What is a Condyle?
A rounded projection involved in the formation of a joint.
What is a Crest?
A narrow ridge usually site of muscle and ligament attachment
What is epicondyle?
A raised area on or above a condyle.
What is a Foramen?
A foramen is hole in the bone
What is a Fossa?
A Fossa is a shallow or hollow depression in a bone.
What is a Groove?
A Groove islong shallow depression on a bone.
What is a Head?
An expanded end beyond a constricted portion or a bony expansion carried on a narrow neck.
What is Malleolus?
Like a small hammer shape (mallet)
What is meatus?
Meatus is a tube-shaped opening in a bone.
What is a neck?
A neck is a constricted area beneath a head.
What is a Notch?
A notch is a deep indentation, like a notch in wood.
What is a Process?
A Process is an enlargement or protrusion of a bone
What is a Ramus?
A Ramus is a branch of a forked structure
What is Sinus?
A Sinus is an air cavity in a bone
What is a Spine?
A Spine is a sharp or slender projection
What is a Styloid?
A Styloid is like a point or a stylus.
What is a Sulcus?
A Sulcus is a narrow slitlike opening similiar to groove or fissure
What is Trochanter?
Trochanter is a very large process on the femur (enlargement or protrusion a bone)
What is a Tubercle?
A Tubercle is a small rounded projection.
What is Tuberosity?
Tuberosity is a large, roughened projection
Define Acro?
Acro is at the extreme region.
Define concha?
Shell like, as in a nasal concha
Define coracoid?
Coracoid- beak like
Define Cornu?
Horn like, as in cornucopia
Define Ethmos
Ethmos, sieve as in the ethmoid bone.
Define fontan?
Little fountain, as frontal fontanel of skull
Define inter?
Between, as in intercondoylar and intertubercular
Define Lacerum?
Lacerated, as in foramen lacerum
Define Meta?
Middle as in Metatarsal
Define Olecrananon?
Elbow (greek)
Sella turcica-?
Turkish saddle
Define sheno?
Wedge, as in shenoid bone.
Define Suture?
Immovable fibrous articulation(joint), interlocking joints as in the skull.