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What are the characteristics of Neisseria?
-Gram negative
-strickly humans
-oxidase positive
-very wimpy
What effects does menigitis have on cerebrel spinal fluid (CFS)?
-pressure goes up
(bacterial growth)
-protein goes up
(bacteria and immune response)
-glucoses goes down
(bacteria eating)
-White cells move in
(recruitment from bacteria)
What are the Encapsulated serogroups of meningitis?
A,B,C,Y, and W-135
What are some know facts about menigitis?
-outbreaks are sporatic
-only in humans
-10-255 normal flora
-spread by respiratory droplets
What is the normal location of menigitis in the body?
the back of the throat
(nasopharnyx colonization- pili)
What is Meningococcemia?
Meinigitis in the blood stream- bacteremia or septicemia
What are the symptoms of Meningococcemia?
-mild aches
What are the symptoms of Menigitis?
-Sudden onset of headache
-stiff neck
What group of the population are most suseptible to menigococcal disease and why?
-College students (18-21) because of close living quarters
What is the vaccine for Menigococcal?
MCV4- makes up 4 of the 5 capsule types; no B type and not for kids
What is the mortality rate of menigococcal?
100% without treatment and less than 10% with treatment.
What is a petechial rash?
A really bad rash because of bleeds in the skin. If you press the rash you get no red color
Why is there a higher inoculation of STDs in women than in men?
-Because fluid flows from man to woman
-woman have more sites of infection
What are some of the defenses of the genital tract of women?
-normal flora
-acidic pH:lactobacilli converts vaginal glycogen to latic acid
What are some characteristics of Gonorrhea?
-gram negative diplococci
-incubation 2-5 days
-pus discharge
-endotoxin (inflammation)
What are some posible symptoms of gonnerrhea in women?
-painful urination
-vaginal discharge
-may be asymptomatic
Why are there no natural immunities to Gonnerrhea?
Because of antigenic variation; it can adjust to the bodys immune response.
What are Opa proteins in gonococcal infections?
Multiple genes in the chromosome that can turn on/off independently.
What is Opthalmia Neonatorum?
This gonnorrhea in the eyes of infants born through an infected mother.
What is the advantage of doing a DNA test for the diagnosis of Gonnerrhea?
The bug can be dead and still be tested.
What is the concern with treating Gonnerrhea with antibiotics?
The bacteria changes frequently so it becomes resistant to some of the normal treatment drugs.
What are the targets for treatment of Gonnerrhea?
the pili and opa protiens