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What is Corynebacterium diphtheriae called?
Diphtheria: gram positive anerobe
What effects does Coryn. Diphteriae have on the human body?
-colonization and growth forms lesions on the upper respiratory tract.
How can the lesions formed by Coryn. Diphtheriae affect kids.
By blocking their airway and causing death
What kind and effect does the toxin have on the body?
-A-B toxin where the "A" goes into the host(halt protein synthesis) and "B" is the binding part.
-Systemic effect on the body.
What strains make the toxins?
Only the strains that can find a matching binding site.
How does the toxin of Diphtheriae work?
It destroys the epithelium and starts inflammatory response. Then the necrotic tissue and the fibrin and blood cells form a grayish membrane.
What is result of distant toxin activity of Diphtheriae?
What is the treatment of Diphtheriae bacteria and toxin?
-Diphtheriae anti-toxin for the toxin
-Erythromycin to eliminate bacteria
What are three characteristics of Listeria Monocytogenes?
-Gram positive
-non-spore forming
-grows at refer temps
Why is Listera Mono. a big problem for pregnant women?
Because it moves cell to cell thus can infect the fetus.
Why are antibiotics not an effective treatment of Listeria Mono.?
Because it is a intracelluar pathogen and moves from cell to cell.
What are the major sources of Listeria Mono?
In foods you don't cook
-soft cheeses
Effects of Listeria Mono. in humans.
Baby:no defense to fight bacteria
Healthy people: Mild GI,Meningitis
Immunocomprinmised:most patients, more severe GI
What makes Listeria Mono. more evasive bacteria?
It has an immune response to Macrophages; can get out of phagolysosome
Where is Listeria Mono. located throughout the body?
-Doesn't stay in the GI tract
-involves the liver and the spleen sometimes ending up in the CNS
What is the best treatment for Listeria mono.?
-Control and prevention
-Elimination from the environment