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Describe three characteristics of Bacillus.
-large aerobic
-gram positive
-usually occurs in chains
What are two Bacillus species that cause disease in humans
-bacillus anthracis(anthrax)
-bacillus cereus(food Poisoning)
What is the infectious form of Anthrax and where is it found?
The spores which are found in the soil-everywhere.
What are two factors that make Anthrax spores great infectious agents?
-they have a polypeptide capsule that prevents phagocytosis
-they can survive in the dirt for years
What are the three parts of the Anthrax toxin?
-PA(protective Ag)
-EF(edema factor)
-LF(lethal factor)
Where does the Antrax protective Ag (PA) bind?
It binds to the cell receptor; membrane channel
What are the three forms of Anthrax?
-cutaneous(95% in humans)
-inhalation(5% in humans)
-gastrointestinal(bad meat)
What does Anthrax do as it enters the body?
It proliferates
What affect does Anthrax have on the Lymph nodes and what could this lead to?
It cause regional hemmerraging of the lymph nodes which can cause blockage and lead to pulmonary edema.
What is the estimated time of death for inhalation Anthrax?
within three days of initial symptoms. (most deadly)
What is the infectious dose for inhalation Anthrax?
Between 2,500 to 10,000 spores
Who are the most at risk candidates for Anthrax?
Post workers and mail handelers
What is the drug of choice for Anthrax?
Penicillin G
What Bacillus is commonly found in rice?
Bacillus Cereus
How does Bacillus germinate in rice?
By cooking large amounts and allowing it to cool slowly.Vegatated bacteria produce toxins that when reheated are not killed, only the bacteria are killed.
What are the two forms of Bacillus Cereus?
-Emetic(<6hrs onset)
-Diarrheal(>6hrs onset)
(Has to be in the body to
make toxin)
Anthrax Toxins

Anthrax Lethal Toxin
Anthrax Toxins

Edema Toxin