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How many Passenger can the 170 carry
What is the length of the 170
What is the wingspan of the 170
What is the minimum turn radius on a taxiway
What requires the most distance in a turn on the ground
In flight when all systems are normal, what condition will the cockpit be in
Dark and quiet
What does a white striped bar mean
Button is not in its normal position
What does EDS stand for
Electronic Display System
What are the main components of the EDS system
-Five display units
-One guidance panel
-Two cursor control devices
-Two MCDU's
-Two reversionary panels
-MAU Hardware
-Control I/0 modules
-EDS application software on processor module
Which are the only two display units that can be reverted
DU2 and DU4
What does DU3 always display
What does the auto position of the reversionary display selector knob do
In the auto position with a failure of one of the displays, an automic logic transfer will allow its information to be presented in the remaining units
What is the reversion priority
What main information is displayed on the PFD
Radio Aids,Autopilot,FD,Radio Altitude Data
Which display unit has the menus soft keys
The MFD presnts what two navigation formats
Map and Plan
What is the third primary function of the MFD
Redundancy to dispay both PFD and EICAS based on reversion.

MX information can also be presented
In addition to crew alerting what else does EICAS display
Engine and system parameters
After decluttering the EICAS what information is still displayed
-Fuel flow
-Fuel qualtity
-Cabin altitude, rate, diff press
-Roll and yaw trim
-Pitch degree
Where is the WX radar tilt knob located
On the Cursor Control Device (CCD)
Will the CCD ever go to a default position when not in use
Yes, if not operated for more than 20 seconds provided there is not virtual controls panel and pull down menus opened
Briefly describe what a Modular Avionics Unit is (MAU)
They are cabinets that house modules assigned to different functions in an intergrated architechure, avionics, and non-avionics functions
Where are MAU 1 and 2 located
Forward electronics bay
Where is MAU3 located
Center electronics bay
What are the two power sources for MAU1
DC1 & ESS1
What are the two power sources for MAU2
DC2 & ESS2
What are the two power sources for MAU3
DC2 & ESS2
What does the tuning knob on the CCD do
It controls:
-WX radar tilt angle & range selection
-Radio frequency selection
-Scrolling of EICAS messages
How many reversionary panel controls are in the airplane
What happens when the reversionary selector know is rotated out of auto to PFD on the captains side
The captains PFD will be displayed on the DU2
What does the ADS button do on the reversionary panel
It allows selection of one of the 2 remainind Air Data computers for the associated PFD
What does the IRS button do on the reversionary panel
The affected station can source select the other side-Normal is CPT IRS 1 and FO IRS 2
Is there an associated ADS or IRS source flag displayed anywhere
Once a reversion is performed it's displayed on the PFD
What does the EICAS FULL push button do
It will either inhibit or enable the EICAS declutter logic
How would you turn on the dome lights
Switch located on the cockpit light control panel
Where would each pilot control the brightness of ther PFD, MFD, and EICAS
On the glareshield lights control panel
Where is the STBY/CLK brightness control located
On the glareshield lights control panel
What does the off position on the EMER LT knob do
It prevents all emergency lights from illuminating if airplane electrical power is turned off or fails
What happens when you push the ATTD CALL button
A chime sounds in the PX cabin
How does the flight attendant know if the temperature setting knob allows him/her to adjust the temperature
The "ENABLED" LED turns on
Where would you check the quantity of the water system
AFT FA control panel
What does a waste system SERVICE TANK light mean
Waste tank has reached 75% of its capacity
Where is the light located that would indicate a forward or aft lavatory is out of service
AFT FA control panel
How many taxi lights are there and how many cockpit switches do they use
2 lights, nose and side
2 switches
How would the cockpit crew view door information
Via the cockpit door control panel in the cockpit

MFD for outside doors and panels
Is the forward avionics compartment access hatch reported as closed or open on the MFD synoptic status page
Displayed whenever the door is not properly closed
What does the test button do on the cockpit door control panel
It tests the buzzer
What does the unlocked indication mean on the cockpit door control panel
It turns on when the door is unlocked.

Flashes when EMERG call push button is pressed

Turns off when the INHIB pushbutton is pressed
What does the INHIB button do
1. Inhibits for 8 minutes and 20 seconds, the emergency call command from cockpit door panel in the px cabin

2. Lights up the red led in the px cabin control panel

3. The cockpit door open if the INHIB pushbutton is not pressed w/in 30 seconds after the EMERG call pushbutton on the px cabin control panel is pressed
What does the LOCK push button do on the cockpit door control panel
1. Controls the cockpit door power supply

2. Activates & deactivates the electromechanical door latch

3. Activates and deactivates the inhibition control

4. Resets the buzzer alarm and opening sequence logic circuits
Pushing the guarded EMERG CALL PUSH BUTTON on the px control panel does what
Activates the buzzer alarm sequence in the cockpit
If installed, what does the CABIN LT TIMER ARM guarded switch do
-Turns on the courtesy lights
-A 5 minute timer turns off the courtesy lights whenever only the batteries energizes the airplane
How many lamps are there in each navigation and strobe light
2-One is a standby
Where is the sterile light in the px cabin
Located on the aft and fwd main ceiling panel areas
What color rainbow light illuminates when the pilot selects emergency on the audio panel
What color rainbow light illuminates when the call comes from the lavatory
What does a flashing orange light mean on the rainbow lights
Lavatory smoke detection
How many emergency light power units are there and what power source are they charged from
How long will the emergency light power units supply emergency lighting
10 Minutes
Do the photo luminescent escape path strips need to be charged
How long must the photo luminescent lights be charged
15 minutes of ceiling and entrance cabin lighting exposure in bright modes
How long will fully charged photo illuminicent lighting provide light during darkness
What is the purpose of the vent flap on the external door handle
Provides a means to relieve residual pressure before the door is opened
What is the purpose of the vent flap on the internal door handle
The airplane pressurization loads the vent flap against the door structure. The effort to unlock the door increases with the airplane pressurization.
What color is the escape slide indication when the escape slide is armed
What color is the escape slide indication when the escape slide is disarmed
What are the three main parts to the internal door
Main handle
Lock/vent handle
Escape slide handle
What does PSEM stand for
Proximity Sensor Evaluation Modules
During complete systems electrical failure how would you exit the cockpit
Using the mechanical handle override
If the cockpit door blowout panels unfold will it degrade the ballistic capability of the door or cause a hazard to the anyone in the observer seat
No-The blowout bags on the door are installed with a grill and protected openings to maintain the doors full ballistic and impact characteristics
What does the EICAS message APM FAIL mean
At least 3 APM's have failed
How far does the nose wheel turn in either direction
76 degrees ?
What powers the dome light
What color is the FMS generated data on the PFD? NAV Aids?
How many aural warning controllers are installed
What powers the EGPWS
What is included in the database used by the EGPWS
Radar Altimeter
Slats & Flaps Control system
What are the levels of the aural alerts
How long till impact with a RED terrain warning on the EGPWS
30 Seconds
How long till impact with a yellow terrain warning on the EGPWS
60 Seconds
What will generate a wind shear warning
Decreasing headwind & down drafts
What will generate a wind shear caution
Increasing headwind & updrafts
How does the dome light receive power
What primary flight control is not fly-by-wire
How are the ailerons controlled
Hydraulically actuated
Mechanically controlled
How are the elevators controlled
Hydraulically actuated
How are the rudders controlled
Hydraulically actuated
How are the flaps controlled
How are the slats controlled
How are the spoilers controlled
Hydraulically actuated
How many spoilers are there per wing
How is the horizontal stabilizer controlled
Electrically actuated
How many ADS are there
How many IRS are there
The only white bar that will come up in the airplane is
An ADS failure, showing the pilot it has switched to the backup ADS
What does it mean when the EMERG parking brake light is on
It is an indication of brake pressure not the actual emerg parking brake handle being set
Does the A/C have a stick pusher
No, just a shaker
What # circuit breakers are on the CPT side
What # circuit breakers are on the FO side
What is the difference between an TA and RA
TA=35-45 SEC from collision area

RA=20-30 SEC from collision area
What powers the EGPWS
DC BUS 2 and the unit is contained in MAU 2
How many pounds of thrust does each engine produce
What is the height of the A/C
What is the width of the horizontal stabilizer
What does the cockpit light annunciator test do
Tests all lights except fire system