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pertaining to

ex: cardi/ac - pertaining to the heart
pertaining to

ex: neur/al - pertaining to the nerves

arthr/algia - painful joints

ex: erythro/cyte - red blood cell
excision, removal of

ex: nephr/ectomy - removal of a kidney

ex: excis/ion - process of cutting out
blood condition

ex: leuk/emia - blood condition of the white blood cells
pertaining to producing, produced by, or produced in

ex: carcino/genic - producing cancer

patho/genic - producing a disease

iatro/genic - produced by a treatment

ex: electroencephalo/gram - record of the brains electricity
-ic, -ical
pertaining to

ex: gastr/ic - pertaining to the stomach

neurolog/ical - pertaining to the study of the nerves

ex: gynecolog/ist - specialists who studies womens health

ex: cyst/itis - inflamation of the urinary bladder
study of

ex: endocrin/ology - study of the glands that secrete in the body
tumor, mass, swelling

ex: hepa/toma - tumor of the liver
process of viewing

ex: bi/opsy - process of viewing living tissue
condition, usually abnormal (slight increase in numbers when used with blood cells)

ex: nephr/osis - condition of the kidneys

leukocyt/osis - condition where there is a slightly increased white blood cell count, body fighing infection
disease condition

ex: entro/pathy - disease of the small intestines

adeno/pathy - disease of the glands
instrument to visually examine

ex: endo/scope - instrument to inside the body
process of visually examining

ex: endo/scopy - the process of visually examining inside the body
state of

ex: progno/sis - state of knowledge before, prediction of outcome of treatment
process of cutting, incision

ex: osteo/tomy - cutting into the bone
process, condition

ex: gastroenterolog/y - study of the stomach and small intestines
pertaining to
pertaining to
pertaining to
pertaining to, full of
picture, classification
embryonic, immature
to run
to pour
producing, forming
to slide, fall, sag
breakdown, separation, loosening
to measure
to send
one who
birth, labor
to bear, carry, feeling (mental state)
to grow
development, formation
development, formation
droop, sag, prolapse
flow, discharge
stop, control, place
nourishment, development