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DNA-->mRNA is ?
mRNA-->DNA is ?
reverse transcription
What three things do u need for transcription?
1) RNA polymerase
2)DNA template
What is RNA polymerase?
Large enzymes, multi-subunit enzyme, 480,000 D.
What catalyzes RNA synthesis?
2 alph subunits
Beta subunit
Beta prime subunit
What does the alpha subunit do?
Recognition of start sites for transcription. (specific cellular needs)
RNA polymerase contains four types of polypeptide chains. What are they?
alpha, beta, beta', and sigma.
What does the sigma factor do?
turns on specific genes
What is the first step in gene expression?
The bringing of RNA polymerase to a region on DNA to initiate transcription.
What is the region on DNA that RNA polymerase is brought to?
The promoter sequence.
What is the promoter sequence recognized by?
The sigma factor
What is the analogous region to the promoter in DNa synthesis?
The origin of replication.
One RNA pol enzyme has ____ sigma factors.
Does the sigma factor fall of after being used?
What are the two types of termination of trancription?
1)Rho independent
2)Rho dependent
What happens in the Rho independent?
A stem loose structure destabalizes RNA Pol interation with DNa template and RNA Pol falls off.
What happens in Rho dependent?
Rho protein cleaves bonds btw new RNA and DNA template and destabilizes comlex and RNA pol falls off.
Features of stem
1)stong base complementarity(G---C;not many A--U)
2)Sufficient length
There is no point in making RNA unless you are generating ____ and _____ ____
Proteins--> translation
Sturtural RNAs--> tRNA, rRNA
The only processing that occurs following synthesis is to ____ them
The large ribosomal subunit rRNA has ___s + __s and how many proteins?
23, 5, 30
The small ribosomal subunit rRNA has __s and how many proteins?
16, 20
The alignment of the 30s subunit on the ribosome binding site is facilitated by what?
Base-pairing between the 3'-16s rRNA with the 5'-mRNA(ribosome binding site)
What is the first stage in translation?
What happens in initiation?
The Ternory complex brings the f-net to the 30s subunit on the mRNA to form the 30s initiation complex.
The initiation step includes?
30s subunit, initiation factore 1,2,3, formyl-methionyl tRNA, ATP and F-net(which forms the ternory comlex)
What is the initiation step followed by?
Alignment of the 50s comlex onto the initiation comlex to form the 70s initiation comlex.
What is the second stage in translation?
The Elongation cycle
What is the elongation cycle of translation?
The addition of subsequent amino acids to a growing polypeptide chain.