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Genes can switch on/off how?
block transcription of mRNA
block transcription operon specific binds to operator
DNA segment "on-off switch" repressor binding site
promoter, operator and genes
Lac Operon
always repressed until lactose binds to the alosteric site of repressor to make it change shape to turn on gene
Tryp Operon
tryptophan aa, always on until excee trypt changes repressor shape to turn operon off
repressible enzyme
tryp operon feedback inhibition
iducible enzyme
lac operon systhesis of mRNA
point mutations
silent, missense and nonsense. change of one aa --> no aa change, 1 aa change, causes a stop codon repectively
coding vs. nocoding
exons, leaders, tailers and introns that are excised w/ snRNP
gel electrophoreis
process of seperating DNA fragments or protein according to size, charge
restriction endonucleases
cleaves dna in palidromic specifc sequences
recombinant DNA
Genetically engineered DNA prepared by transplanting or splicing genes from one species into the cells of a host organism of a different species. Such DNA becomes part of the host's genetic makeup and is replicated.
DNA is taken up and then expressed in a host cell
down side of using bacteria to express gene
prok. lack certain part for gene expression , euk. genes may be too large, may lack post tranlational modification
one gene is hetero.
two genes are hetero.
both alles are expressed IaIb blood type
incomplete dominance
intermediate phenotype
X chromosome trait color blindness, hemophelia
removes amniotic fluid, check for certain chemicals , grow cells in culture and karyotype (10ml)
Chorionic Villus Sampling CVS
tissue taken from chrioinc villi of placenta
genes that has many phenotypic effects ex. sickle-cell anemia
polygeneic inheritance
more than 1 pair of alleles that control 1 characteristic ex. skin color
diff. genes work together to control 1 phenotype ex. melanin deposit genes and coat color