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Kinetic energy is the energy of ________ .
rhymes with lotion.
___________ is the capacity to do work owing to position or state
potential energy
not kinetic but ______.
According to the First LAw of Thermodynamics, energy cannot be created or destroyed, although it can be ___________________________.
transferred or converted from one form to another.
another word for moved..or changed.
2nd Law of THermodynamics: When energy is converted from one form to another, some usable energy (energy available to do work), is_____________________________.
converted into heat that disperses into the surroundings.
hot in the noun form...
Heat is the ____________ of randomly moving particles.
kinetic energy
not potential engery but...
THe 2nd LAw of Thermodynamics is consistent with the 1st. Which means, the total amount of energy is ____ decreasing, but the total amount of energy available to do work is ___________over time.
not, decreasing.
opposite of is, opssosite of increasing.
___________ is a measure of the disorder or randomness of energy
not enthalpy.
Usable energy has a _____ entropy.
not high
Disorganized energy, such as heat, has a _____ entropy.
not low
____________is the sum of all chemicals taking place in an organism
what makes chito skinny b/c its very high
An organism's metabolism consists of many intersecting series of chemical reactions or pathways. THere are 2:__________ & ___________.
anabolism & catabolism
think of energy and metabolism section
_____________includes the various pathways in which complex molecules are synthesized to form simpler substances.
not catabolism
An example of anabolism would be the linking of amino acids to form _________.
what we should eat plenty of to stay healthy
___________ includes the pathways in which larger molecules are broken down into smaller ones
not anabolism but.....
An ex. of catabolism would be in the degredation of starch to form _______________.
another would for carbs