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What is a sociogram ?
A schematic drawing that shows the
intragroup social realtionships
What are the names of the three networks?
Advice, Trust Communication
The right to command
The ability to influence
Sufficing Behavior
Leads to satisfactory payoffs between the orgnization and the informal group
Perimeter guarding
Protecting one's organizational turf at the expense of company teamwork and overall efficiency
One of the most important activites that successful managers do over 50% of the time at work
What is the process of socializing, politicKing, and interacting with people throughout theorganization
What are the three subgroups in an organization called?
nucleus fringe and outer
the informal communication network
True or false-the grapevine is written communication and emails
The least frequently used communication network
single strand
involves one person telling all the others the information
gossip chain
passing information on a random basis
pobability chain
information being passed on a selective basis
cluster chain
Four reasons that people are grapevine active
lack information, insecurity in a situation, personal interest in a situation, recent information
Liason people are very_____ in the way that they communicate
Those individuals who are seeking admission to the informal organization
fringe group
What is the greatest overall benefit to the informal organization-the grapevine
Provide feedback -reflects how the workers feel about the company to the manager
What are the 5 benefits to grapevine?
1. getting things done 2. Lighten managerial workload 3. Provide job satisfaction for the workers 4. Acts as a safety valve 5. Provide feedback for the manager
What are the 4 disadvantages to the informal organization?
resistance to change, goal conflict, conformity problems, rumor
What is the definition of rumor?
Interest X ambiguity
How is rumor maintained and magnified?
Selective filtering and elaboration
Can the manager stamp out the grapevine?
What must the manager do concerning dealing with the informal organization?
Recognize its inevitabllity
This arises when a person pursues two incompatible objectives
goal conflict
What lets the worker blow off steam and release some of their job pressures ?
grapevine and acts as a safety valve
The most common grapevine network
cluster chain
What is the most widely used of all the grapevine chains?
Who can only give employees psychological rewards?
formal or informal group leader?
Informal doesn't have the authority to give out raises or overtime but can give out praise