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What percentage of children are placed by the court for abuse and/or neglect into a foster home?
What percentage of children placed into a foster home are juvenile delinquents or persons in need of supervision like children who are out of control, children who runaway from abusive homes, or children whose parent's are too poor to provide them a home?
What percentage of children placed in foster care have major medical or behavioral problems, such as children who have had strokes as neonates or severe head trauma, and were placed in foster care b/c their parents could not take care of them?
Approximately how many foster kids are their in the Lansing area?
Approximately how many foster kids are their in the US?
Over half a million
What healthcare system are children in foster care placed under?
What is the disadvantage for foster care children placed under Medicaid?
Due to the overwhelming amount of Medicaid recipients, more and more physicians are no longer accepting Medicaid.
How is money for foster care children distributed?
US Gov't gives money to the state-->state subcontracts with agencies-->agencies recruit parents for foster care
How much do foster care parents get paid/day for a normal child? How much might they get paid/day for a child with special needs?
normal child: $15.00/day
special needs: $30.00/day
What are some of the problems the biological parents of foster children have?
Drug abuse, incarceration, AIDS
In what system are refugee minors from wars oversease held in?
Foster care
Who aides refugee minors in learning English, education, and finding an entry level job?
Is medical care provided for refugee minors?
Medical care is provided for them for a coupld of years if they sustained injuries from their war-stricken homes.
What is the average stay in foster care?
Stay in foster care is usually about 6 mos., and then the children are returned to their families.
What percentage of children are returned to their families in 3 mos?
Children that are not returned to their families are in foster care for how long?
3 years
What percentage of foster children that are not returned to their families are adopted by their foster parents?
Who is assigned to foster care children and teen-agers?
Case worker
Whom is this referring to: a person with a college education and who is instructed to reunify and rehabilitate the family. They are supposed to help with drug rehabilitation, help find housing, help in education, help in finding a job, and help in providing appropriate medical care.
Case worker
Within 72 hours of a child who is placed in foster care, what must happen?
A social/case worker must appear in front of a judge and give their reasons for placing them in the hands of the state.
How often does a judge evaluate the child and family in a foster care situation?
Every 3-6 mos.
What is the term for a lawyer that looks at the child's perspective of the situation?
Law guardian
What is the term for an individual that is not a lawyer, but is a person who is trained to access a case and report their findings to a judge.
Child advocate
Who helps children that have come from very unstable homes and have trouble adjusting to an environment that may be very unknown to them?? They help these children adjust to new schools and new rules.
Mental health providers
Whose job is it to identify any chronic problems like asthma, diabetes, and anything else that may need further care?
Medical provider
If a foster child has a health condition, who does the physician have to inform?
Physician must inform the foster care parents and agency of the child's condition and how to take care of it.
When evaluating a foster child, what must a physician take particular note of?
Take note of limitation of movement, scars, and/or bruising on the child's body. Then document who was present with the child. This will indicate if the child was harmed by the foster family or the biological family if child abuse is presented in court.
What is parental/court permission required for?
HIV testing
Since the majority of foster children come from crowded areas, what should the physician look for?
Lice and scabies
If child abuse is suspect, what tests should be done?
Imaging studies like x-rays and CT scans. Look for healing bones or current fractures.
What blood tests should be ordered for a foster child?
CBC, HIV, Hepatitis B & C
Levels under what CBC # indicate poor living environment and possible exposure to lead based paint?
CBC levels under 6
Does the foster care team try to do what is best for the child or what is best for the parent?
What is best for the child!
Before the adoption of a child is finalized, what are parents encouraged to apply for?
State subsidy program-->this serves as a back-up for medical care for the child if one loses their job or their income has been depleted in some other way.
As adopted age, around 9 or 10 years old what do they begin to question?
Issue of permanency is questioned. For example, a child may have been told they were chosen b/c they were the cutest baby out of all the babies seen. However, now that the child is older, chubbier, and may not be as "cute" as they once were, the child may begin to think his/her adoptive parents may not want them anymore. Make sure parents address this issue! Children can be very vulnerable.
What type of adoption does the following describe: Birth mother chooses who can adopt her child and requests reports on her child's development??
Open adoption
What type of adoption process does the following refer to: Nothing is known about the birth parents.
Closed adoption
If you are the medical doctor or intern taking a history on a mother who is going to give her child up for adoption, what should you do?
Take as much information as you can on the mother's medical history without identifying her by name.
If you see the child for the first tiem in your office and the child has already been adopted, what should you do?
HIV, Hepatitis B & C, and Syphilis
If a child is adopted from overseas, what should one test for?
Parasites, PPD, urine sample, a CBC, and look for lead levels in blood
What percentage of children adopted from overseas have at least one medical condition identified by screening tests?
Are most farm workers citizens? Do most farm workers have permits?
Do farm workers receive social security benefits or workers comp benefits?
NO, most are paid under the table
Farm workers live in croweded places. What illnesses does crowding increase the risk of?
Respiratory diseases (TB), scabies, and lice
If there are more than 11 or more people living in one room/home, what does OSHA require?
Adequate water and bathroom access.
If there are under 11 people living in one room/home do OSHA rules apply?
Crowded shower facilities increase the risk of what?
Dermatitis and athlete's foot
What do crowded toilet facilities increase?
Salmonella poisoning
Who are always the top 3 people who are killed by accidents: machinery and pesticides?
If pesticides are used, what are farmers required to do?
Farmers are required to put out sheets that describe what the pesticides are used for and what they may do to harm a person.
What is the problem with the sheets put out by farmers describing pesticides?
These are written in english and most farm workers cannot read English.
Farmers must teach the workers how to use protective equipment. What is the problem in accomplishing this?
This is NOT always easy to do with an English speaking farmer and a Spanish speaking working crew.
What is a program of the US Dept. of Health and Human Services that focuses on assisting low-income families like the migrant workers and their families?
Migrant Head Start Program
If the migrant's workers' housing was sprayed by pesicides, what are they taught to do?
Bring children in their hous, close windows and doors, rewash all the clothing.
What refers to skin lesions appearing on lines of trauma? This may result from either a linear exposure or irritation like a bug bite.
Koebner phenomenon
If living around animals, what infections can be problematic?
Worm infections