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nonverbal communication, characteristics of nonverbal communication
sharing meaning with others nonlinguistically; nonlinguistic, greater number of channels, higher degree of ambiguity
Several ways verbal and nonverbal codes interconnect.
repetition, accentuation, substition, regulation, and contradiction.
Types of nonverbal communication.
Physical appearence, facial communication, gestural communication, touch communication, and spatial communication.
Types of spatial communication.
Intimate (0-18 in.)
Personal (18 in.-4ft.)
Social (4 ft. - 12 ft.)
Public (12 ft. or more)
Types of touch communication.
Functional-professional touch
Social-polite touch
Friendship-warmth touch
Love and intimacy touch
Sexual touch
different types of physical appearence to exhibit nonverbal communication
body adornments, body shape and size, clothing, and hair
two different types of factial communication to exhibit nonverbal communication
eyes, facial expressions
three different types of gestural communication
manipulators, illustrators, emblems