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Define perception.
Perception is the process of selecting, organizing, and interpreting data from out senses.
Movement, novelty, repetition all grab our attention. This is an example of...
Selective attention.
What are organizing schemas?
Mental frameworks that creat meaningful patterns from stimuli.
Define prototype.
The most representative or "best" example of something.
Define stereotype.
A generalization about a group or category of people.
Define script.
A predictable sequence of events that indicates what we are expected to do in a given situation.
Define attribution.
Assigning causes to people's behavior.
Define self-concept.
The sum total of everything that encompasses the self-referential term "me". It is a social construction, a product of interpersonal communication.
Define self-esteem.
The evaluative element of self-perception.
Define self-serving bias.
The tendency to attribute out successful behavior to ourselves (personal traits) but to assign external circumstances (situations) to our unsuccessful behavior.
Define perceptual set.
A mental predisposition to perceive a stimulus in a fixed way as the result of an expectation.
Define self-disclosure.
The process of purposely revealing to others information about ourselves that they otherwise would not know.
Define breadth and depth in terms of self-disclosure.
Breadth refers to the range of subjects discussed, while depth refers to how personal you become when discussing a particular subject.
What are some guidelines for appropriate self-disclosure?
-Cultural Appropriateness
-Situational Appropriateness
-Incremental Disclosure
Define the fundamental attribution error.
To overemphasize personal characteristics and underemphasize situational causes of other people's behavior.
perception is...
inhrently subjective and selective