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What are three communication myths?
1. Communication is a cure-all.
2. Communicating is just common sense.
3. Communication quantity equals quality.
Define communication.
Communication is a transactional process of sharing meaning with others.
Define channel.
Medium through which a message travels, such as oral or written.
Define message.
Stimulus that produces meaning.
Define noise.
Interference with effective transmission and reception of a message.
What are the 4 different types of noise?
1. Physical
2. Physiological
3. Psychological
4. Semantic
Define feedback.
The receiver's verbal and nonverbal responses to a message.
Define fields of experience.
Include our cultural background, ethnicity, geographic location, extent of travel, and general personal experiences accumulated over the course of a lifetime.
Describe the two dimensions of every message.
The content dimension refers to what is actually said and done, while the relationship dimension refers to how that message defines or redefines the association between individuals.
Define communication competence.
Communication competence is communicating effectively and appropriately in a given context.
What are the general components of the communication competence model.
Knowledge, skills, sensitivity, commitment, ethics.