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the two viceroyalties in the new world colonies of spain

new spain
the capitals of the two viceroyalties in the new world colonies of spain

mexico city
these forbid the transmission of encomiendas by inheritance. also, forbid the enslavement of the native american population
new laws of 1542
the two crops most credited with the improvement of the quality of food in europe

assemblies of citizens in the towns in the spanish colonies
cabildos abiertos
the 20% of gold and silver mined in the new world which automatically went to the spanish crown
father of the american indians
bartolome de la casas
a person who is american born but of pure euopean stock
the attempt tp regiment native american labor in a plantation system
a person who is the product of a mix of native american with eruopean
identify four cash crops used in the plantations
tobacco, sugar
cotton, coffee
conditions of middle passage # 1
the food tasted like ground maze boiled in palm oil
conditions of middle passage # 2
they would drag them off the shelves to wash cuts with sea water and scrape filth off with branches
conditions of middle passage # 3
half of the men died from diseases and infections before they made it to the americas
conditions of middle passage # 4
stinging bites and body lice covered the body
conditions of middle passage # 5
they were chained like animals, they were so crowded slaves were put on plank shelves
conditions of middle passage # 6
the holding was filled with cries, weeping, and prayers of people, it smelled from wine, vomit and fices
effects of the slave trade # 1
the slaves provided cheap labor for plantations so they could increase profit
effects of the slave trade # 2
social class was based on race or color developing a sense of racism and prejedice
effects of the slave trade # 3
replace of the indiginous population with african slaves
effects of the slave trade # 4
infusion of a new culture - religion, music, language
effects of the slave trade # 5
depopulation of africa