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caravels were better than old ships because they were
bigger and could carry heavy cannons
on the malay peninsula
first prtuguese trading post in india
this document, signed in 1494, creating a line of demacation between spain and portugal and divided the new world between them
treaty of tordesillas
venetian seaman, he explored the coastline of the americas for england
john cabot
named americas after him
amerigo vespucci
spanish conquerers
he led an exploration which took controll of the incan empire
francisco pizarro
right to use native american laborers
settlment of people living in a new territory
an economic system in which governments sought to accumulate gold and silver
this is the positive difference in trade - in other words, the good exported are greater value than those imported
balance of trade
identify four government policies/actions that governments wouild use to stimulate industries and trade
1 tarrifs(taxes on imports)
2 subsidies to new buisneses
3 better transportation
4 colonies
large agricultural estates
trade route connecting europe africa and the americas
tiangular trade
the portion of the trade route in which slaves where brought to the americas
middle passage
identify three important impacts of the slave trade on africa
1 depopulation
2 increase war
3 destruction of culture