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martin luther
he "began" the protestant reformation in the early 16th C. he said here i stand i cannot do otherwise
immidiae causes
according to carl gustavson, this factor always recieves greater emphasis than it deserves
desiderius erasmus
best known christian humanist. he called his view of religion the "philosophy of Christ"
address to the christian nobility of the german nation
in this luther said, " what has brought us germans to such a pass that we have to suffer this robbery and destructionand property by the pope?
pope julius II
he was the fiery "warrior-pope" and personally led armies against his enemies
any western christian religion which is separated from roman chatholicism as an outgrowth of the reformation
according to gustavson, what was the primary "new and potent idea which stimulated he lotalty of people? what new force arose to challende the church
a release from all or part of punishment for sin by the chatholic church
the church

the holy roman empire
according to gustavson, the two institutions weakening at the time of the reformation

according to gustavson, name two of the three economic groups felt that they would benefit from a break with the roman church
identify 4 idividuals that, prior to luther, laid the groundwork for him by providing a background from a break with the roman church
ninty-five theses
it was in essence, luther's attack on the abuses in the sale of indulgences. it was a list of his arguments against a particular abuse of the church
ninty-five these nailed to the church door

diet of worms
what are two of the three events that gustavson says provided the immediate cause or spark of the reformation
pope leo X
he described luther as "some drunken germon who will amend his ways when he sobers up"
charles V
emperor of the holy roman empire during the luther crisis.
diet of worms
where luther was summoned in 1521, and where he refused to change his position
edict of worms
by this; luther was made an outlaw within the holy roman empire. his works were to be burned and he himself captured and delivered to the emperor
pace of augsburg
this agreeement formally accepted the division of christanity in germany. in it, rulers got the right to freely choose their religion
the praise of folly
in this work published in 1509 erasmus homorously critizied apects of his society that he believed were most in need to reform. he singled out monks for special treatment. he said, "monks insist that everything br done in precise detail.. just so many knots must be on each shoe nd the shoelace must be of only one color
elector frederck of saxony
prince of germany unwilling to see his famous professor killed. he hid luther and protected him
modern devotion
a mystical movement wich downplayed relgious dogma and stressed the need to follow the teachings of jesus. it represented a deepening of religious life within the chatholic church
faith alone
luther's new doctrine of salvation
the state of being saved