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immediate causes were
nailing of the ninety-five theses
diet of worms
debate with john eck
who where the background of agitation
JOHN HUSS- 100 years befor luther, bunt at stake
WYCLIF-attacked corruption of priesthood bunt at stake
SAVONAROLA- ruled florence attacked papacy
VALLA- wrote on the false donation of constintine
what were the personalities involed
luther's person conviction, was rugged, stubborn, a true believer, steadfast
what new technology helped
printing press- spead luthers ideas quicker, printing of the bible in german, germans read for themselves and undermined the claim of the church.
emconomic groups line up on the issue
nobles wanted church property and land

peasents wanted to be considered equal
what institutions weakened
holy roman empire- charles V was 19 and didnt have personal ties to germany or its princess, had many on going issues such as war with turks
the church- corruption weakened them
what ideas effected it
nationalism- germans didnt want to b part of roman chatholicism
hated italian roman church
council of trent # 1
bishps had to reside in their diocese
council of trent # 2
each diocese had to establish a seminary for priests
council of trent # 3
no more sale of churh positions
council of trent # 4
no more sale of indulgences
council of trent # 5
priests had to be celibate
council of trent # 6
restated all doctrine
council of trent # 7
the reform commission
council of trent # 8
new religious order
ignatious of loyola
spread the faith by education
council of trent # 9
the inquisition
council of trent # 10
index of prohibited books
a priest from zurich
ulrich zwingli
reforms brought to zurich by zwingli
relics and images were abolished

all paintings and decoration where removed from church

new church service consists of scripture reading prayer and sermons, replaced catholic mass
declares marrage invalid
declares marrage invalid
popular anabaptist leader in the netherlands
menno simon
formed the ammish
jacob amman
educated in france converted to prostestant and fled to switzerland
john calvin
written work by john calvin wich was a summary of protestand thought
instituties of the christian religion
this eternal decree ment that god had determined in advanced who would be save
primary issues that separates anabaptism
adult baptism
name of the jesuit order
society of jesus
founder of jesuits
ignatius of loyola
met in 1545 and continued meeting for 18 years. ther reaffirmed traditional catholic teachings in opposition to protestant leaders
coucil of trent
started council of trent
pope paul III
wha positions of protestism helped to develop a new view of the family
ended the celibacy of priests
women main job is to bear children
what were the three pillars of the catholic reformation
the jesuits
reform of the papacy
the council of trent
appointed in 1537 to determine the church's ills
reform commission