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dawes plan
named after an american banker
printing paper money
this causes the hyperinflation in germany
ruhr valley
this was the region of germany that france occupied
treaty of
this guaranteed germany's new western borders with france and belgium.
spanish flu
strain of influenza
22 milion
number of people died of the flu
kellogg-briand pact
in this 63 nations signed an accord written by the US secretary of state.
failure of US to join league
what was the primary weakness of the league of nations.
series of downturns in the second, prices fallin b/c of overproduction

international financial crisis, involving the stock market, investers could not invest in europe.
what were two causes of the great depression
this is an example of what happened to many banks at the start of the depression
cutting cost by lowering government wages

raising protective tarriffs
two typical government responses to the depression
increased government activity in the economy.

renewed interest in marxist doctrine.

led masses of people to follow deictators.
what were three significant political affect.
switzerland, italy, france
eurpean nations in which women could not vote
weimar republic
this is the name given to the post-war government of germany
paul von hindenburg
was president of the weimar republic.
leaders were weak, not committed

runaway inflation

great depression
list three problems faced by the weimar republic
political choas, no real party
what was frances biggest problem
french popular front
this was a coalation of leftist parties
he published a book called general theory general theory of employment, interest and money
totalitarian state
this is a government that aims to control political, economic
the masses
unlike previous ansolutist states totalitarian states expected the involvement of whom
this political philosophy glorifies the state above the individual.
these were armed fascist s who attackedsocialist offices and newspapers
he took power legally, was made prime minister
means by which mussolini came to power
took away right of free press

prime minister got power to rule by decree

police given right to arest people for policital crimes and all other political parties outlawed
three actions taken by mussolini to make it a dictatorship