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tripple alliance
alliance inculded germany, austria-hungary and italy
triple entente
aliance included france britain and russia
balkan powder keg
exoression refers to the balkan crises
relates to the desire of the serbs to be a formation state
military draft
francis ferdinand
heir to the throw of austria hungary
black hand
organization whose members were the conspirators in the plot to shoot francis ferdinand
emperor william II
kaiser of germany who supported germany
term of the list of demands which austria sent to serbia
the process of assembling troops and supplies and making them ready for war
mobilized their tropps
what russia did this is the point of no return
czar nicholas II
czar of russia in 1914
schlieffen plan
this called for a two-front war with russia and france
battle of the mare
in this battle the german advance was halted a short dustance from paris
this is the ideas spread to influence public opinion
garillo princip
serb that shot francis ferdinand
blank check
term given the unlimited full support promised by german
trench warefare
fighting from ditches
tannenberg and masurian lakes
two huge battles in which russia was defeated
this nation entered the war in 1915 and knocked out serbia
war of attrition
tactic of attempting to inflict maximum casualties
battle of verdun
in a 10-month battle french lost lives and land
in this battle southwest of constantinople
lawrence of arabia
this man was sent by great britain to the middle east
violation of sussex pledge by resuming unrestricted submarine warfare
this was the immediate cause of the us entry in wwI
sinking of this shit in 1915 loss of 1100 civilians
these were giant air ships
unrestricted submarine warfare
this was the policy of u boats sinking ships
battle of jutland
the only major naval battle
total war
term which ment that each nation involved in the war completely moblilized
planned economics
term which ment that wartime governments expanded their power over economic life
presedent of the united states
defense of the realm act
this allowed britain to stop internal dissent during the war
war girls
british poem
edith cavell
trained nurse
siberian peasant who claimed to be a holy man
march revolution
in the event the duma forced the czar to step down
this man headed the provisional government that took control of the czar
these were councils composed of representatives
this was a small faction of a marxist party
leader of the bolsheviks
elite vanguard
this group of activists was described by lenin as a small party of well-dissiplined
peace land bread
all power to the soviets
revolution revolution now
april thesis
dedicated revolutionary was head of the petrograd soviet. he organized the red army
november revolution
in this provisional government was overthrown
treaty the got russia out of WWI
this force included groups loyal to the czar
the murder of the royal family
occured at ekaterinburg
war communism
this meant that the communist took control of banks and most industry
this was the name of the new red, secret police
this man guided military forces twoard the end of the war
kiel mutiny
in the event sailors revolted in an attempt to overthrow the government
friedrich ebert
a social democrat took over the german government after the kaiser fled
usa wilson
france clemenceau
britain lloyd george
italy orlando
who represented each nation in the paris peace conference
this is the payment made to the victors by the vanquished to cover the cost of war
war guilt clause
this is article 231 of the treaty said germany caused the war
self determination
concept that each nation was entitled to its own nation
term for territories given by the league of nations to frand and britain
john reed
american journalist