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What are the three gateway drugs?
Tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana.
What is the definition if a gateway drug?
Drugs that are the first drug people are exposed to and experiment with it.
What is tobacco?
A plant containing the active drug nicotine. Tobacco comes from the tobacco plant. It is used in cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco and smokeless tobacco.
What is nicotine?
A simulant drug that is found in tobacco.
What is tar?
A brown sticky substance found in cigarette smoke.
What is carbon monoxide?
A poisonous gas found in cigarette smoke.
What are the effects of tobacco?
Brain, lungs, and heart damage.
What is the brain effect caused by tobacco.
Reduction of oxygen to the brain.
What is the lungs effect caused by tobacco?
Damages alvioly(tiney air sacs)and cilia (fine hair that prevent dust and foriegn matter from getting into the lungs).
What is the heart effect caused by tobacco?
Increases heart rate, raises blood pressure.
What is cancer?
A desease in which bad cells attack and defeat good cells.
What is chronic bronchitis?
A condition in which air passages become swollen and painfull.
What is emphysema?
Air passages lose their ability to function.
What is smokeless tobacco?
Dried tobacco leave in the form of snuff or chewing tobacco.
What is second hand smoke?
Smoke from another person who is smoking.
What is marijuana?
A drug that is found in cannabis plant. The most active ingredient is THC.
What are other names marijuana?
Grass, weed, joint, reefer, and pot.
How is marijuana taken into the body?
It can be inhaled or swallowed.
What are the uses for marijuana?
It helps with cancer and AIDs patients controlling pain. It also helps with Glaucoma.
What are the short term effects of marijuana?
Red eyes, hungary felling, short term memory loss, less coordination, faster heart rate.
What are the long term effects of marijuana?
Lung damage, effects the immune system, and heart damage.
What is alcohol?
A depresant drug found in beverages such as beer, wine, and hard liquor.
How much alcohol is in each drink?
Beer-3-6 percent
Wine-9-12 percent
Hard liquor-35-50 pecent
What is the equation for a drink?
1 Drink=1-12 oz. beer=1-6 oz. glass of wine=1-1 1/2 oz. of hard liquor.
What is blood alcohol level?
The amount of alcohol that is present in the body.
What is the legal amount of alcohol in PA?
0.08 percent.
What is proof?
Twice the precentage of hard liquor.
What are the factors that determine how alcohol will affect the body?
Your body weight, the amount of alcohol consumed, your drinking history, and how much food is in your stomach.
What is alcoholism?
An addiction to alcohol.
What is an alcoholic?
A person who can't control his or her drinking.
What is Cirrhosis?
A desease where the tissues of the liver shrinks and hardens.
What are the effects of alcohol?
It slows down the central nervous system, changes your mood, it distorts your perception, impairs judgement, and slows your reaction time.
What is intoxication?
When a person has too much to drink.
What are associations that deal with alcohol problems?
AA, Alateen, and Al-Anon.
What is AA?
It stands for Alcoholics Anonymous. AA is a suppport group for alcoholics and others who have a drinking problem.
What is Alateen?
It is a support group for children of alcoholics.
What is Al-Anon?
A support group of families of alcoholics.