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visualization of esophagus and/or stomach by fiberoptic tube that goes through mouth to stomach

NPO 8 hours before -- sore throat after -- assess gag reflex
visualize sigmoid colon, rectum and anal canal

laxative night before
NPO at midnight
enema morning of

encourage fluids
visualization of colon

Clear liquid 24-72 hour before

cathartic in evening for 2 days prior
enema morning of exam
Golytley to cleanse bowel --
Gastric aspirate
NPO before
NG tube
PH ?
UPper GI -- barium swallo
NPO after midnight --

NI: encourage fluids -- laxatives to prevent constipation
white stool
Lower GI -- barium enema
low residue diet for 1-2 days
clear liquid and laxative evening before test
cleansing enemas unti clear morning of test

After: cleansing enemas to clear barium and prevent impaction

Before and after care -- what to watch for?
patient semi-fowlers or sitting upright at edge of bed

empty bladder

watch for signs of hypovolemic shock