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What is the FADS III depth and time limits?
2 divers 1 standby on air mk21 for 40 min. @ 190 fsw
2 divers 1 standby on air mk20/21 for 200 min @60 fsw
2 divers 1 standby on air in mk20/21 for 300 min @40 fsw
Describe the FADS III flasks for CU/FT and amount of bottles per rack for primary and secondary?
bank 1= 3 x 3.15CU/FT@5000psig
bank 2= 4 x 3.15CU/FT@5000psig
bank 3= 2 x 3.15CU/FT@5000psig
each bottle contains 1075 scf
The FADS III's volume tank has a working pressure and cu/ft of what?
4CU/FT @ 275 psig
Were are the relife valves located for the FADS III and what are thier lifting limits?
Volume tank- 300 psig
Nine flasks- Each flask has a blow out disc set @ 8000 psi
Nine flasks- Each flask is set @ 217 degrees.
What are the specs for the FADS III compressor and air purifier?
Compressor - MAKO 24 scfm @ 5000 psig
Air Purifier - MAKO MK 10-C
What does ASRA stand for?
Air Supply Rack Assembly?
What does DSPS stand for?
Diving Support Platform System?
What is EP-1 for FADS III system?
EP-1: Primary to secondary: Shut AHP-V311, open AHP-V312 if contaminated air. Secure volume tank AHP-313.
What types of tools can you use underwater in conjunction with the FADS III?
air and hydrolic
What are the safety precautions while running the Generator for the FADS III?
If you have to run off ship's power you have to reverse the leads beacause ships run on reverse polarity.
What does the FADS III have in case of loss of power.
UPS uninterrupted power supply
Where do we have LWDS?
Bread Truck and Delta Connex box
What are the LWDS limits and specs in the config 1 assembly?
CONFIG-1 2 divers 1 standby on air 200 min @ 60fsw PRIMARY-medium pressure air compressor
SECONDARY- 1 flask rack assembly.
What are the LWDS limits and specs in the config 2 assembly?
CONFIG 2- 2 Divers and 1 standby on air 100 min @60fsw
2 Divers and 1 standby on air 50 min @ 130fsw.
PRIMARY- 3 flask rack assemblies
SECONDARY-1 flask rack assembly
What are the LWDS limits and specs in the config 3 assembly?
CONFIG 3- 2 Divers and 1 standby on air 40 min. @190fsw
PRIMARY- 3 Flask rack assemblies
SECONDARY- 2 flask rack assemablies
What are the specs for the flasks and volume tank in the LWDS?
9 x 0.935 CU/FT@3000 psig
each flask contains 191 scf
volume tank has 4 CU/FT @ 250psig
Where are the relief valves in the LWDS and what are there relief limits?
Roof rack and lifts @ 3300psi
Each flask blow out disc 5000psi
Volume tank @ 275
With the LWDS can you charge while diving?
Yes while jamming the top two flask rack assemlies you can dive off the 3rd
How many OPS and EPS are there for LWDS? And what are the EPS?
There are 12 ops 1 ep

EP-1 loss of primary
switch ALP-V302 to secondary.
What are the DSM Limits?
Standard Configuration
2 divers 1 standby on air for 40 min @ 190fsw
2 divers 1 standby on air for
200 min @ 60fsw MK20/MK21
What are the specs for the flasks and volume tank in the DSM's ?
PRIMARY 4x6 CU/FT @ 3000 psig
SECONDARY 1x6 CU/FT @ 3000 psig
Volume tank- 10 CU/FT @ 300 psig
Were are the relife valves and what are there limits?
AHP Shore Chargeing Relife set at 3300 psig
ALP Volume tank set @ 275 psig
Emergency ALP to volume tank set @ 275 psig
What are the OP'S and EP'S for the DSM's
OP-1 Chargeing Flasks
OP-2 Scuba Chargeing from HP air flasks
OP-3 Normal operation using 4 HP air flasks
OP-4 System Premission(completed 1st of every month)
OP-5 Daily system shutdown and return to premission config
EP-1 Loss of primary reduceing capabiltys
How does intiation of EP-1 for the DSM's differ from alpha to charlies boats? and what DSM is assigned to each team?
Alpha-DSM 007 open ALP-72 shut ALP-48 (on console)
Charlie- DSM 008 open ALP-72 and shut ALP-37 (down below)
What is the charge valve under the work bench?
What is the specs for the Mako BAM 9 Compressor?
30.6 scfm @ 3000 psi
What are the MMP requirements?
0-60 fsw MIN 90 DESIRED 135 MAX 165
61-130 fsw MIN 135 DESIRED 135 MAX 165
131-190 fsw MIN 165 DESIRED 165 MAX 165 (for diving systems not capable of sustaining 165 psig over bottom due to system limits 135 authorized)
How do you calculate MMP for MK-20 and MK-21?
MK-21 Depth in fsw X .445 +90 to 165 depending on the depth of the dive
MK-20 Depth in fsw X .445 +90 psi
What are the MMP's set at for both DSM's
MMP for Charlie 125
MMP for Alpha 150 because of MK-21
What is the RC 6500 chambers working pressure? And what catagory chamber is it?
100 psi(225 fsw)
Catagory D (BIBS overboard dump, CO2 scrubber, air bibs, O2 and CO2 monitor)
What are the capabiltys of primary and secondary air for the RC 6500?
PRIMARY- Sufficiant air to press IL once and OL Twice to 165 fsw
SECONDARY-Suffician air to press the IL and OL once to 165 fsw and enough air for one tender and two patients (when not on 02) to breath air BIBS during a TT6A with max extensions
What is the Chambers floodable volume?
Inner lock- 443 CU/FT
Outer lock- 149 CU/FT
Medical lock- 9 CU/FT
What is the specs for the chambers banks for air,O2,HE02?
AIR-2 banks of 2 x 16 CU/FT flasks @ 5000 psig working pressure
O2- 2 bands of 4 K bottles @ max psi of 2400
HEO2 2 banks of 2 K bottles @ max 2400 psig working pressure
What is the specs for the scuba panel and the FES system?
SCUBA- 3300 psig working pressure
FES- holds 57 gallons of water set @ 125 psig working pressure.
What are the relief valves in the RC 6500 and what are there limits?
LP air -275 psi
HP air -5500 psi
O2 -138
HEO2-154 psi on HEO2
How many BIBS are there in the RC 6500?
INNER LOCK-7(#8 can be connected to two hoods)
What are the chamber enviromentals taken at every O2 breathing period?
Depth/CO2 content/Temperature/
O2 for chamber Enviroment/
What are two methods you can use to lower CO2 in the chamber?
Vent the chamber
Have Occupants breath on BIBS
Change out Soda Sorb
Ensure CO2 does not exceed 1.5 SEV
When must the soda sorb be changed out?
When the monitor gets to .15% Soda sorb can be used past the exp date cause of CO2 monitor.
What are the Chamber Ventilation rates?
AIR- 2acfm for each diver at rest/ 4acfm for each diver not at rest
O2 BIBS- 12.5acfm rest/25acfm not resting
What are the specs for the RC 6500 compressors?
2 Bauer K220's Mod.5
5000 psig working pressure
35 scfm @ 5000 psig
What things need to be checked before starting the compressors?
Oil level/Check in-takes/roomfans
What are the specs of the Generator for the RC 6500
Gillete Sentry-Pro model SPD 450 w/ Perkins 1795/1800 engine 40kw,208v,3phase
When does the back up generator kick in for the chamber and when does it shut off?
after power has been lost for 30 seconds and will turn off after power has been restored for 30 min's
What type of purifaction system is there for the chamber?
Regenerative dryer air system.
How do the cycles of the purification system for the chamber work?
Two filters that cycle every 15 min the off cycle filter is dried with LP air up to 116 psi.
The monitor system for the chamber works off of PPM what are the limitations and types of particles monitored?
oxygen 20-22%
CO2 1,000 PPM
hydro carbons 25 PPM
carbon monoxide 20 PPM
Oil,mist, 5mg/m3
What are the colors and meening of the lights for the chamber purifiation system?
Green-Unit in operation
Flashing Yellow-element change prewarning
Flashing Red- Compressor shut down beacuse the element is saturated
Contious Red- Compressor shut down cause of missing element or cable failure.
What do you do when you have increasing depth and CO2?
Trouble shoot BIB's manifold line up ensure the exhaust valve is open ensure no bibs are leaking by.
What is the angle of the chamber HP air flasks and why?
There angled to help moisture drain. there about 15 degrees.
What does the tick mark on the chamber HP air flask indicate?
Proper alighment for back housing for the dip tubes
What are the OP's for the chamber?
OP-1 Chamber shut down
OP-2 Chamber start up
OP-3 Modified shut down
OP-4 Modified start up
OP-5 System Charging
OP-6 O2 bottle change out
What are the EP's for the chamber?
EP-1 Contaminated air
EP-2 Primary Air reduction failure
EP-3 Loss of O2
EP-4 Fire in the chamber
EP-5 Loss of Power
EP-6 Fire in bldg During treatment
What are safety precautions when changing the 02 bottles?
Use 02 non sparking clean tools
What is the maximum setting that the chamber lights can be set to?
70 to 75% max
Where is the chambers relief valve and what positon is it kept in?
the relife is located in the IL and it is wired open
How is the med lock pressurized ?
It is pressurized by ambient chamber pressure so that it cannot be over pressurized.
What are the breathing mixtures patients can breath in the chamber and what are the treatment depths?
100% O2 (60FSW)
64/36 HEO2 225 FSW
50/50 HEO2 165 FSW
What is the min and max O2 allowed in the chamber?
What does the PSOB say the number one hazard is for the chamber?