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Location and 2 functions of GB 8?
Location: Above ear, 1.5 cun inside hairline

Function: Benefits ears, Removes obstructions from channel
Location and 2 functions of GB 14?
Location: 1 cun above midpoint of eyebrows

Function: Subdues rising Qi, Eliminates exterior Wind
Location and 2 functions of GB 20?
Location: In depression between trapezius and sternocleidomastoid

Function: Subdues Live Yang, Brightens eyes
Location and 2 functions of GB 21?
Location: Highest point of shoulders, midpoint between neck and outer end of shoulder

Function: Promotes delivery, promotes lactation
Location and 2 functions of GB 30?
Location: On line between sacrum and greater trochanter, 2/3 distance from sacrum

Function: Tonifies Blood and Qi, Resolves Damp Heat
Location and 2 functions of GB 34?
Location: 2 cun inferior to knee, lateral side, anterior and inferior to head of fibula

Function: Promotes smooth flow of Qi, Subdues rebellious Qi
Location and 2 functions of GB 43?
Location: Between 4th and 5th toe on dorsum of foot

Function: Subdues Liver Yang, Benefits ears
Location and 2 functions of GB 44?
Location: Lateral lower corner of toenail of fourth toe

Function: Subdues Liver Yang, calms the mind