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Unifying theme in the epistles
bring everything under the authority of christ
Question to keep in the back of your mind while reading the epistles
what is the issue here and how does it relate to me here?
Saul's background
Hellenistic Jew from taurus
exposed to greek philospohy
educated under Gamaliel
From the school of helil
persecuted the early church
member of pharisaic party
zealous for GOD
TURNING point of Paul's life
the turning point is the cradle for Paul's teaching that man can be justified and pleasing before God only by what Christ did
Paul's time of rethinking scripture
reflection on the purpose of the mosiac law

reflection on promise to Abraham
Indicative : we have been crucified
Reality of situation
Command We must overcome what is sinful
Place of birth
zealous member of the pharisees
a roman citizen
Educated under Gamaliel (Acts 22:3)
Member of Sanhedrin
Persecuted the church( acts 26:10)
AD 34-37
after his conversion(AD 34, Acts 9:1-19)
first longer stay (Gal 1:17, Acts 9, 2 Cor 11:32-33)
AD 37 - three years after conversion
Two weeks with John, Peter and James the just (Gal 1:18, Acts 9)
Tarsus - not birth place info
Return to tarsus (AD 37-45)
Antioch (syria)
AD 45-46
Ministering with Barnabas for approx. one year (Gal 1:17, Acts 11:20)
AD 47
2nd conversion visit to jerusalem
14 years after conversion (Gal 1:15-17, Gal 2:1)
AD 48-49 First missionary journey
Anitoch, Salamis, Paphos, Attalia, Antioch (pis) Iconium, Lystra, Derbe, Perga and Antioch (syria)
Travels with Barnabas and John Mark
Est churches in Antioch(Pis), lystra, derbe and perga
Antioch (syria) -2nd mention
AD 49 Galatians
Presupposes that the letter was written to the "south-galatians"
Jerusalem (3)
AD 49-50
Jersualem council mentioned in Acts 15.
Asia- Macedonia
AD 50-52- 2nd missionary journey
Jerusalem, caesarea, sidon, antioch (syria), Tarsus, derbe, lystra, iconium, antioch(pis), troas, phillpi, thessaloncia, berea, athens, corinth, ephesus, caesarea, jerusalem, antioch(syria)
Travels with Silas after differing with Barnbas over whether to take JOhn mark along once more
Timothy joins in Lystra, Luke joins in Troas
AD 50-52
1&2 Thessalonians AD50
1Thess- regarding the circumstances 1Thess 3:1-6
After timothy's stay in Thessalonica, he meets Paul once again in Corinth (acts 18:5)
2 Thess: stays a year and half
Appears to Galilo
Takes Aquila and Priscilla, then travels without them in Antioch via jerusalem(acts 18:18-22)
Asia Macedonia and Achaia
AD 52-57 3rd missionary journey (acts 18:23-21:17)
Anticoh, tarsus, antioch(pis), ephesus, Troas, Phillipi, Thess, corinth, berea, thess, phillipi, troas, samos, miletus, caesarea, jerusalem
Change of base from antioch to ephesus
Meets Apollos in Ephesus who had known of JOhn the BAptist (Acts 18)
AD 52-55 capital of asia minor
Paul remains approx. two years and three months
1st teaches in the synagogue (acts 19) then in hall of tyrannus (acts 19:10)
writing of 1 COrinthians AD 54-55
AD 55
sorrowful visit (2 Cor 2:1, 12:20)
AD 56, writing of 2 COrinthians AD 55-56
Regarding the situation 2 Cor 2:12-13, Acts 20:2)
Corinth AD 56-57
Remains approx 3 months
Writes Romans
See 2Cor 13:1
regarding the collection AD 57 for jerusalem
Jerusalem AD 57
Paul's last visit to jerusalem
Regarding circumstances
Defense before the sanhedrin
Caesarea- Imprisonment AD 57-59
under felix, governor of Judea(acts 23:33-26:32)
Trail before successor Festus in presence of King Agrippa
It is possible that Paul wrote Colossians, Philemon, Ephesians, Phillipians, 2 timothy during this caesarea detention
Malta AD 59-60
See Acts 27:1-28:15
For two years under house arrest (acts 28)
Colossians, Philemon, ephesians, Phillipians End of Acts
Travel to eastren Mediterranean and to spain
1 timothy, Titus, 2 timothy
may have been written during the first imprisonment of Paul in Rome
could have been written after Corinth stay AD 56-57
2 Timothy
could have been written AD 57 from Caesarea
Paul gives thanks and encourages the thessonlonias for almost half of the letter
Except for __________, every letter begins with praise
2 Thessaonlians
another reference is made to the coming of the lord

young thess. church had a preoccupation with this topic
Two Extremes
1. Far expectation- They don't think the 2nd coming is coming soon so let's live
2. Near Expectations- we need to plan b/c it is coming
Both extremes feed

Paul's advice: live your life as if ___________________ but _____________.
Human nature

christ is coming tomorrow, work today
Restrainer is_________

The lawless one is__________

cut off by God
Paul's message for the Thessalonians and for us:
we need to be aware that we are surrounded by this principle of lawlessness
1-3 greetings
4-7 Thanksgiving and prayer
8-21 Paul's plea for Onesimus
22-25 Final request, fellowship, greetings benedition
Philemon addresses
Philemon, apphia and Archippus

all reside in Colosse
Paul's approach in Philemon
Appeal to good rapport (4-10)
Appeal to persuade Onesimus (11-19)
Appeal to emotions (20-21)
Ways to get away: Philemon
1. join a gang- grp of runaway slaves
2. go underground
3. flee abroad
4. go into rural areas to live and work
5. go the temples for aslym and negotiate purchase with a kinder master
What way did Onesimus most likely use to run away?
fled abroad and sought the help with known apostles. he became a christian
Paul was faced with tough choice with Onesisumus
he needed to send Onesimus back but he knew the situation would be difficult if Onesimus returned
What needs to happen for Onesimus?
1. Onesimus needs to go back. Paul sends Onesimus back vs.12
2. Paul writes a letter of Appeal
3.appeals to restored relationship
4. I will pay for any damages you have accrued as a result of ONesimus' decision
What is Paul doing in Philemon?
He is practicing what he writes about to the Colossians
Applies the gospel to a painful sitation
By bringing Christ into the unjust structure of slavery, only the order of authority and submission is retained
The fruit of _____________-is great trust and closeness after this breach of relationship
Paul: does not avoid the __________.
Heals the unjust system from the _________
Moves beyond the ____________
Places emphasis on the importance of __________________
Uses his position of privelege ______________
broken pieces
immediate struggle
dealing with uncomfortable issues
on behalf of others