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take, give, carry, send
'Ave le tusi.
Take the book.
'Ave le peni.
Take the pen.
'Ave le pepa.
Take the paper.
'Aumai le laulau.
Bring the table.
'Aumai le afitusi.
Bring the matches.
'Aumai le uati.
Bring the watch.
'I, iā, 'iā are all variations of the preposition i (to),which has many meanings based on its uses in a sentence.
The form iā ('iā) is used before personal pronouns and the proper names of persons and months of the year.
iā Ane
to Ane
i le ato
to the basket
iā Aukuso
in August
iā 'oe
to you
'Ave le tusi i le pule a'oga.
Take the book to the headmaster.
'Ave le peni iā Ane.
Take the pen to Ane.
'Aumai le tama i le pasi.
Bring the boy in the bus.
'Ua lavea le teine i le naifi.
The girl was hurt by the knife.
'Uo te tautala i le fa'aaloalo.
I speak with respect.