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Japanese Musical Genres are Usually Associated with Differences in...
Social Class
According to Terauchi Sensei, what are the three GENERAL periods of Japanese cultural development?
1. Ancient
2. Medieval
3. Pre-Modrern
During what century was the Nara Period?
8th Century
The Heian Period lasted from what century to what century?
8th Century to the 12th Century
Name, as best you can, the three dynasties of the Medieval Period.
1. Kamakura (1129-1336)
2. Muromachi (1336-1573)
3. Azuchi-Momoyama (1573-1603)
During what GENERAL period was the Edo Period?
Pre-Modern Period
What social class dominated Japanese politics from the end of the Heian Period through the Edo Period.?
The Samurai Class
Who ruled Japan during the Edo Period?
The Tokagawa Shoguns
Gagaku reached its apex during which specific period?
Heian Period
What was the MAJOR facter that prompted the end of the Edo Period?
The Forced Opening of Japan to the Western Powers
The Folk Religion of Japan is known as...?
What are the three most practiced religions in Japan by order?
1. Shinto
2. Buddhism
3. Christianity
In gosechi-no-mai, descibe the costume, the costume's historical connections, and name the costume if you can?
The 12-layered kimono, or juni-hitoe, was fashioned during the Heian Period.
What is the MOST important literary work in classical Japanese literature.
The Tale of Genji by Lady Murasaki
After the Edo Period, Japan entered and is, nominally, still in what SPECIFIC period?
The Meiji Period/Restoration
Today, the traditional court duties connected with gagaku are under th pervue of what Governing and what SPECIFIC body?
The Imperial Household Agency or Kunaicho AND The Music Section of the Imperial Household Agency or Kunaicho shikibushoku gakubo
Who (what PERSON) has the greatest say in the running of the Imperial Household Agency?
The Prime Minister of Japan
Are members of the Jige Class allowed audience with the Emperor?
No (Jige = 'on the ground')
What class of noblemen are allowed audience with the Emperor?
The Tenjo Class
(Tenjo = 'up on the floor')
What was the capital of Japan in the Nara Period?
What was the Capital of Japan in the Heian Period?
Where did the Emperor live at the end of the Edo Period?
What was the Capital of Japan during the Edo Period?
Tokyo (Edo)
Where is Shitenno-ji Temple?
Where is the Kasuga-taisha Shrine?
Today, traditional Gagaku is popular with most Japanese, true or false?
In the Heian Period, traditional Gagaku was popular with most Japanese, true or false?
Honshu is the largest and most populated island in Japan, true or false?
True. The other major islands are: Hokkaido, Shikoku, and Kyushu.
Japan was most heavily influenced by the Chinese during the Wu Dynasty, true or false?
False. The T'ang (Tang) Dynasty.
Today, most court musicians are not from families connected to Gagaku, true or false?