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Erb's Palsy
-"Waiter's Tip"
-upper brachial plexus injury
-can result from birth injury
-results from loss of abduction of shoulder, flexion at arm, and external rotation provided by infraspinatus
-arm presents as internally rotated
-mostly C5-C6, some C7
Avulsion of Brachial Plexus
-pulling the plexus away from where it attaches to the spinal cord
-can result in complete loss of function in upper limb
Horner's syndrome
-caused by an injury to sympathetic nerves to the face
-presents with a constricted pupil and drooping eyelid
What clinical presentations might you see with an injury to the posterior cord of the brachial plexus?
-difficulty with extension of arm, hand, fingers, as well as abduction (except for first 15 degrees)
-affects radial and axillary nerves, which come off posterior cord
Tinel's Sign
-tapping over a compressed nerve recreates pain/tingling
Fromen's Sign
-asking patient to hold a piece of paper between thumb and first finger
-if patient is able to do this, then the adductor of thumb is still ok
-if patient can't do this or compensates by flexing the thumb, there is an abnormality of the ULNAR NERVE
EMG (electromyography)
-shows innervation to muscles and shows deinnervation potentials in muscles and somatosensory potentials to see how sensory potentials run back up the nerve
Phalen's Sign
-hold fingers down towards wrist
-indicates compression of nerves
-test for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
-a positive test will produce numbness or tingling when hands are held in this position for ~30 sec.
Wound healing via primary intention
-sew skin shut and wound heals from skin down
Wound healing via secondary intention
-wound heals from bottom up
-collection of CSF forms in the soft tissue
-CSF has a rxn w/ soft tissue that causes a "rind" to form
-where there's a CSF leak into the soft tissue but it remains contained in the soft tissue
-where dura is bowed out and CSF is in there
-a normal spinal cord but meninges are bulging out