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Whyat is 'reapportionment'?
The redrawing of the voting districts to ensure districts of equal population sizes.
To whom are elected officals accountable to?
It is given by the 'people' (voters) therefore they are accountable to citizens at all times
What does 'seperation of powers' mean?
The division of responsiblities for government among the three branches of government
What does "checks and balances" mean?
The system that provides to each branch of government some power that controls or prevents some actions of the other two branches
What are the three branches of government?
Executive, Legislative, Judicial
What are the responsiblities of a citizen?
To vote, pay taxes, and serve on a jury if asked
What are the voting requirements in GA?
You must be a registered voter. 18 years old, citizen, and legal resident of the county in which you are voting
How many people are in the GA General Assembly?
How ofter is the GA General Assembly elected?
every 2 years
For how long each year does the GA General Assembly meet?
40 days
Who presides over the senate?
The Lieutenant Governor
Where does most of the work on proposed bills take place?
In committees
Who is GA's head of the executive branch of the government (state system)?
How long is the Governor's term?
4 years
Name the two types of powers the Govenor has.
Formal powers and Informal powers
Where are the formal powers of the elected officals written?
In the State Constitution
Where do the informal powers of the state's elected officals come from?
tradition and custom
Name some of the Formal powers of the governor:
managing the state budget, making the annual "State of the State" speech, serving as commander-in-chief of the GA National Guard, heading the state's civil defense units and sending the Georgia Highway Patrol and Georgia Bureau of Investigation in times of danger
Name some of the Informal Powers of the Govenors:
Issuing proclamations, communicating with the public, acting as honrary head of his own political party, representing the state in meeting with other state officials, federal officials and foreign dignitaries, working with legislatures to get laws passed, guiding state agencies
Who is subject to the Juvenile justice system?
young people under the age of 17
What defines a juvenile?
citizen under the age of 17
What is the highest ranking court in Georgia?
Georgia Supreme Court
Why does the presiding jude decide if a juvenile is innocent or guilty?
There are no juries in juvenile court
How are juveniles treated in the court system if they are accused of one of the "Seven Deadly Sins"?
They are tried as adults
Are Juveniles 'arrested'?
No, they are 'taken into custody'
What is a delinquent act?
A crime that would be a crime no matter the age of the person (speeding, vandelism)
What is a status offense?
an offense because of the perportrator's age (drinking, truancy)