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before the war
a oerson hired to manage slaves on a day to day basis
one,usually an older slave who was loyal to the owner who could manage other slaves
the denial of a person's rights because of prejudice
Slave Code
laws that took away nearly all the rights of slaves
many northern whites and free blacks who worked to get rid of slavery
Underground Railroad
a chain of homes,farms,and churches where runaway slaves could rest and hide from slave catchers
Slave States
states that permitted slavery
Free States
states promitted slavery
Missouri Compromise
admitted maine into the Unoin as a free state and missouri as a slave state
a concept in whitch people in an area believe their ideas and interests are important than those of people in other areas
Compromise of 1850
a bill that allowed California to enter the Unoin as a free state
Kansas-Nebraska Act
act creating territoriesof Kansas and Nebraska
Popular Sovereignty
the right of people to decide an issue
Free Soilder
a group who were against slavery and wanted land to be given to western settlers for farming
an arms storehouse
Class Structer
the position one group has in relation to others
Yeoman Farmer
farmers who owned less than 500 acers of land
Know Nothing Party
political party against citizenship for immigrants or political office for anyone not born in the United States
Republican Party
a new political party created in 1854 as a result of the issue of slavery
a statement of the principle and politicies a political party supports
the act of pulling out of the Union
a bill introduced into a legislative body
Confederate States of America
the name given to the new nation formed by seceding states