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A Group Of Symbols That Stand For Whole Syllables
Cherokee Phonix
The First Indian Newspaper, Edited By Elias Boudinot, And Printed In Both Cherokee And English
Yamasee War
Skirmishes In Which The Yamasee, A Creek Tribe,Attacked Plantations Along The South Carolina Coast And Killed Traders In Creek And Choctaw Town
Congress Of Augusta
The Meeting Between The Governors Of Georgia,South Carolina,North Carolina,And Virginia And Representatives Of The Indian Nation
Treaty Of Paris(1763)
An Agreement Ending French And Indian War
Proclamation Of 1763
Britain's Plan For Establishing Certian Boundaries In An Attempt To Manage Two Million Colonists And Maintain Peace Between The Colonists And Indians
Oconee War
War Along The Oconee River Between The Creek Tribes Led By Chief Alexander McGillivray And The Pioneer Settlers
Treaty Of New York
An Agreement To Settle The Oconee War
Red Sticks
Indians That Wanted War
White Sticks
Indians That Wanted Peace
Treaty Of Indian Springs
An Agreemant That The U.S. Would Pay 200,000 For The Lower Creeks To Cede The Last Of Creek Lands In Georgia
Suing In A Court Of Law
Moved To Another Place
Trail Of Tears
The Forced Removal Of The Cherokee Indians West To Reservations In Oklahoma