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In Georgia years of Prosperity followed the
Revolutionary War
When was the Articles of Confederation ratified
Who has total power under the Articles of Confederation
What was the war of 1812 over
Lousianan Purchase
Wat was t he orginal name of Atlanta
What is now The University of Ga
Franklin College
What document replaced the Artilces of Confederation
The U.S Consititution
What land purchase doubled the amount of land in the US
Lousisana Purchase
What crops are grown in GA
cotton; tobacco
Who invented the cotton Gin
Eli Whitney
Two newspapers of GA
GA Gazette and Augusta Hearald
What could congress do under the Articles of Confederation
Declare War
Send Ambassadors
Coin Money
What was congress unable to do under the Articles of Confereeration
Levy taxes
Regulate Trade
The father of the Consititution
James Madison
Name the men who represented Ga at the Constituational Convention
William Pierce
Abraham Baldwin
William Few
William Houston
To Impose Taxes
Taxes On Imported Items
The Court System
States' Rights
The Idea That Any Power Not Clearly Givento The U.S.
a way to settle disagreementsin which each side Gives Away In It's Benefits
U.S Constitution
The Documents That Set Up Our Current Framework For Governments;Written In 1787 And Ratified By The Thirteen States
General Assembly
The Georgia Bicameral Legislature That Includes A Senate And A House Of Representatives
Louisiana Purchase
A Transaction In Which The U.S. Bought All The Land From The Mississippi River
Stopping All Trade With A Foregin
Treaty of Ghent
A Peace Agreement Which Was Signed In 1814 And Ended War 1812
Headright System
A System Of Given Land That Once Belonged To The Indians To Male Settlers,Counting Each White Male As A "Head" And Able To Receive 1,000 Acers
Yazoo Land Fraud
Sale Of Land To Four Land Companies After The Governor And Members Of The General Assembly Had Accepted Bribes