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The ___ rib attaches to the sternal angle
The costodiaphragmatic recess is the most inferior part of pleural sac & references TWO parts of parietal pleura, ______ & _____.
Costal & diaphragmatic
The fibrous covering of the pericardium is also called the _________.
fibrous pericardium
If you introduce air into the pleural sac, _____ will occur. This is also called ________a lung.
compression of the lung--turns into the size of closed fist.
The point at which one part of the parietal pleura turns abruptly towards another direction as it covers another part of wall of pulm. cavity is called __________.
pleural reflection
The ____ (cervical portion of parietal pleura) covers the ___ of the lung.
The apex lies _cm superior to medial 1/3rd of clavicle.
Between ribs __ -__, the pleural cavities are closer to eachother anteriorly. This means that _________ could spread.
pleurisy (inflamation of the pleura)...given contiguous nature of the two pleural sacs
The cardiac notch of the pleura is located at the __ costal cartilage.
4th, between ribs 4 & 6
The ___________ angle represents an area where the pleura dips inferior to ribs.
What is the clinical significance of this?
RIGHT infrasternal;
surgically entering r. infrasternal angle can cut pleura (it sometimes extends inferior to r. costal margin) and introduce blood, bacteria, etc into pl. sac.
If a line is dropped at mid-clavicular line, the level of rib __ you will find the pleura.
At the mid-axillary line, the border of the pleural cavity lies at rib ___, and the lung lies __ intercostal spaces superior.

2 (at rib 8)
The mid-axillary line is a common space to access pleura for a ______________. Between ribs __-__ is a great place to do it. This area is also the _____________.
costodiaphragmatic recess
Posteriorly, the pleural border is at rib ___ at the scapular line.
Posteriorly, the lung's (inferior border) lies ______.
2 intercostal spaces above 12th rib (around 10th rib)
At the ___________ angles a surgeon might also puncture the pleural cavity because the pleura could dip below rib cage.
costovertebral angles

(important whe operating on kidneys or other structure near pleura)
The 3 spaces that the pleura can dip below the rib cage are____, ____, & ___.
left and right costovertebral angles (posterior),
right infrasternal angle (anterior)
The horizontal fissure (on ___ lung), lies at level of rib ___ anteriorly.
4 (lies deep to 4th costal cartilage)
The oblique fissure lies anterorryl ath the level of the ____ costal-chondral junction.
The location of the cardiac notch is clinically important because _______.
one can perform pericardiocentesis of pericardial sac without going through pleura (due to the notch)
The terminal thoracic (part of internal thoracic) artery terminates in the musculophrenic a. It also gives rise to _______.
superior epigastric a. (more important of the branches)
THe ____ fissure diveds the upper and lower lobes.
OBLIQUE (major)
The ______ fissure (on right lung) divides the superior lobe into the superior lobe proper and the _____ lobe.
middle lobe
THe _____ prevent the trachea from collapsing. There are ________ of these.
cartilaginous rings;

Primary bronchi are also known as ___________.
Secondary bronchi are also known as ___________.
main bronchi;

lobar bronchi (b/c they go into each lobe)
An important point is that the cartilaginous rings of the trachea do not close posteriorly. WHy is this clinically significant?
If you are intubating and pass through smooth muscle of posterior portion of trachea, you can punture esophagus and introduce air into stomach.
Vice-versa with gastric tube entering trachea.
The angle between the parts of the main bronchi is the ______. It is important because it indicates ________.

Inferior to the carina, the _________ almost completely disappears.
cough reflex fibers
_______ can cause enlargement or deviation of the carina.
Cancer forming a blockage of the right main bronchus