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What is altitude?
The lowest point on earth is sea level. The higher you rise, whether on land or in the air from this lowest point is measured by ALTITUDE.
List factors that affect temperatures of places on Earth.
angle of insolation
What is air pressure? How does it change in the atmosphere?
the force on an area caused by the weight of the air above it.
It is greatest at sea level; as altitude increases, air pressure decreases.
How do the levels of atmosphere affect temperature?
As you increase in altitude in the Troposphere(the first level) the teperature decreases.
As you increase in altitude in the next level(stratosphere) temperature increases
As you increase in altidue in the third level(mesosphere) the temperature decreases.
As you increase in altitude in the final layer(thermosphere) temperature increases.
How are the troposphere and atmosphere alike? Different?
The tropospher is the lowest part of the atmosphere.
Most of the air and all weather occur in the troposphere.

How do temperatures on Earth depend on angles?
The angle at which the Sun strikes a surface affects how much heat it will receive. The more vertical the rays, the greater the heat produced.
What are the four factors that cause substances to heat differently given the SAME amount of sunlight?
type of substnaces