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explored 1497-1498 - sailed for England - claimed Newfoundland and the Grand Banks for England
John Cabot
explored 1584 - sailed for England - established Virginia
Sir Walter Raleigh
explored 1608-1615 - sailed for France - set up first French colonies in North America
Samuel de Champlain
explored 1524 - sailed for France - explored parts of the Atlantic coast
Giovanni da Verrazano
explored 1673 - sailed for France - explored part of the Mississippi River Valley
Marquette and Joliet
explored 1534-1542 - sailed for France - claimed Newfoundland and the St. Lawrence River Valley for France
Jacques Cartier
explored 1609 - sailed for Netherlands - claimed the Hudson River Valley for the Netherlands
explored 1610-1611 - sailed for England - claimed the Hudson Bay region for France
Henry Hudson
explored 1679-1683 - sailed for France - reached the mouth of the Mississippi River
Robert La Salle