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Making things by machine is called __________.
The group of people in charge of ruling a nation, state, or city is called a __________.
The group of cities that have grown so close together they seem to form one huge city is known as a __________.
A branch of business or manufacturing that produces a particular product or service is known as __________.
an industry
The way people use resources to produce and sell goods and services is called __________.
an economy
The Middle West is made up of the Great Lakes states and the __________.
Plains states
Rain falling west of the Continental Divide flows into the __________.
Pacific Ocean
The islands of Hawaii are actually the tops of underwater __________.
Along with manufacturing, banking, and trade, the Northeast region is also a major center of __________.
services and communication
What is the result of crop diversification in the Southeast?
Farmers earned more money.
Which of the following is an example of a megalopolis?
the West - the Piedmont - Boswash - New Jersey
The two sections of the West are the Mountain states and the __________.
Pacific states
The Middle West is called "America's breadbasket" because it produces much __________.
The Southwest is the fastest-growing region in the United States as a result of automobiles, air-conditioning, and __________.
The rain shadow effect causes the eastern slopes of mountains to be __________ than the western slopes.
The Mountain states are centers of mining and __________.
Many industries are attracted to the Southeast by that region's __________.
natural resources
The economy of the Pacific states is based largely on __________.
lumber, fishing, and agriculture
Which two sections make up the Northeast region of the United States?
the Middle Atlantic states and New England
Through which region does the Continental Divide pass?
Which region of the United States contains the smallest state?
The state of Kansas is located in which region?
Middle West
Which is the largest state in the Southwest?
What happens as warm air is pushed up the mountain?
The air cools.
What causes the rain to turn to snow over the top of the mountain?
Moisture freezes at high altitudes.
What happens as the air in the clouds begins to cool?
Rain falls.
The warm, moist winds pick up their moisture over the __________.
Pacific Ocean
Chapter 2
Our Country's Regions
The Great Lakes provide the Middle West with a form of low-cost __________.
Which region has the fewest states?