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Chapter 16
A Divided Country
People who wanted to end the practice of slavery were called __________.
The decision by the Southern states to leave the Union was called __________.
The large number of factories in the North led to the growth of __________.
By 1850 the North and South were deeply divided over the issue of __________.
Which candidate for President in 1860 opposed slavery?
Abraham Lincoln
The ruling by the Supreme Court that said enslaved African Americans were property and could be taken anywhere by the owners was the __________.
Dred Scott Decision
Which law allowed the practice of slavery in some states south of an imaginary line, but forbade the practice of slavery north of that line?
Missouri Compromise
The book UNCLE TOM'S CABIN convinced people that __________.
slavery should be ended
The Seneca Falls Convention approved a declaration that supported __________.
the rights of women
The Republican Party grew out of a belief that __________.
new states must be free states
In which state did war break out between "free soilers" and owners of enslaved people during the 1850's?
Which method did Congress use to deal with the issue of slavery?
Who was born into slavery and later spoke to audiences against it?
Frederick Douglas
Which law allowed people in certain territories to decide for themselves whether their states should be slave states or free states?
Kansas-Nebraska Act
The purpose of the Underground Railroad was to __________.
help captives escape to freedom
The Fugitive Slave Law said that free states must __________.
return escaped slaves
Which formerly enslaved person became a speaker for women's rights?
Sojourner Truth
How did William LLoyd Garrison work to help end slavery?
He published "The Liberator".
The growing importance of cotton in the 1840s and 1850s affected the Southern way of life by __________.
keeping slavery alive
Which of the following states left the Union?
Illinois - Louisiana - New Jersey - Maryland
Which of the following was a slave state that stayed in the Union?
Missouri - Tennessee - Florida - Arkansas
Which of the following states stayed in the Union?
North Carolina - Ohio - Virginia - Alabama
At the time of the Civil War, which of these places was a territory?
Kansas - Texas - Colorado - Iowa
What was Wisconsin's political standing during the Civil War?
free state that stayed in the Union
What is a bibliography?
list of sources used for a report
After taking notes for a report but before beginning to write, a student should __________.
make an outline
The middle section of a report is important because it __________.
gives main ideas and supports them with facts
Which opponent of slavery led an armed raid on Harper's Ferry, Virginia?
John Brown