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What is a tort
Violation of civil law
The scope of practice for nurses is set forth in the _______
Laws of the state
When is a signed consent form not needed?
If it's an emergency and the pt is unconscious and unable to communicate.
Which consent form is used to show that the pt has consented to have blood drawn for labs?
Conditions of admission
When is a legal precedent set?
When a court reverses a decision that has been appealed
For a nurse to be found guilty of malpractice, what has to happen
The nurse did not do or failed to do what a prudent nurse would have done
Nurses helping out at the scene of an accident are protected by the ______
Good samaritan law
What are advance directives
Written statement expressing wishes of pt regarding future consent for or refusal of treatment if pt can't participate in decision making
What is a health care proxy
Person designated to make decisions for the patient if incapacitated.
What is a statute
Legal term for law
What is a Tort?
Violation of a civil law
What kind of law governs schools of nursing, other health care professions?
What defines the scope of nursing practice?
The Nurse practice act of the state in question
What are the standards of care
Established by state boards of nursing
What is the Patient Bill of rights
Not law, provides ethical guidelanes for nursing practice
The chart is the property of ______
The physician or agency
What gives power to the health care proxy?
Durable power of attorney
What are the 4 elements that must be present to prove malpractice?
Duty, Breach of duty, causation, and injury
What are the forms of defamation?
Slander, Libel
How long can a person be detained without consent?
72 hours
No references to what are made in the patient chart?
Incident report
What are laws?
Rules of conduct established by Gov't
What is a tort?
Violation of a civil law, wrong against an individual
Who does an LPN work under
Nurse, Dr., Dentist
Who may an LPN supervise
Nursing assistants, technicians, other LPNS
It is considered _________ not to report another professional's misconduct.
Is the Pt Bill of rights a Law? T or F
What does the facility need to have if there are hazardous substances (Bleach, etc)
MSDS - manufacturer's safety data sheets
Invasion of Privacy occurs when
Unauthorized persons learn about the patients problems through gossip, carelessness, allowing others to overhear, etc. Also needlessly exposing the patient's body
What's the limit of time a person can be held to protect him or her from self-harm?
Usually 72 hours
What are the guidelines to reduce legal risk?
Maintain competence (keep abreast of new developments)
Document FULLY
Establish rapport
Communicate effectively
What are 3 characteristics of the various codes of ethics?
A respect for human dignity
A commitment to continuing education
Confidential nature of the nurse-patient relationship
Codes of ethics are created by:
Professional organizations