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What are the 4 goals of practical nursing
To promote wellness
Prevent illness
Facilitate coping
restore health
Practical nurse has 4 roles. What are they?
Caregiver, educator, collaborator, delegator
What is a nursing theory?
Statement about relationships among concepts or facts, based on existing information.
What are the standards of care?
Assessment, Diagnosis, Outcome identification, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation,
What are the standards of professional performance for a nurse?
Quality of care, Performance appraisal, education, collegiality, Ethics, COllaboration, Research, Resource use
What are nurse practice acts?
Established in every state and in Canada to regulate nursing. Each state has a regulatory body that makes and inforces rules and regulations for the nursing profession. They define the legal scope of practice.
What is primary nursing
One nurse plans and directs care for a patient over a 24 hour period. Eliminates fragmantation of care over a change of shift.
What is team nursing?
Evolved in 1950s. A RN is team leader, coordinates care for a group of patients
What is the DRG system?
The hospital receives a set amount of money for a patient who is hospitalized with a certain diagnosis.
What is important under the DRG system?
DOCUMENTATION to clearly prove patient needs.
What were the functions of nurses in early civillizations?
Providing comfort, tending to basic needs and using herbal remedies
Nursing expanded when?
During WW II
Nursing is what?
An art and a science
The goals of nursing are:
To promote wellness, prevent illness, facilitate coping, and restore health
The standards of nursing protect who?
The nurse, the patient, and the health care agency
Organized nursing education began when?
Mid 1800s
What is the nursing process?
A systematic way to deliver nursing care
What did Phoebe Do and where
Ancient rome. SHe was the first deaconess and first visiting nurse.
What did St. Marcella do
Converted her home to a monastery where she taught nursing. First nursing educator.
What did St. Helena Do?
Ancient rome, she established the first geriatric facility
What are monastic nursing orders
Operated around 1st cen. AD. Refuge for sick and religious orders founded hospitals
What were Military nursing orders?
Military men defended the hospitals and cared for patients. 1096 to 1291
When were patients cared for by prostitutes and criminals?
Renaissance and reformation, after monasteries were shut down
Who founded the school of nursing at Massachusetts General Hosp?
Linda Robb
Who organized the school of nursing at Massaschusetts Gen Hospital
Linda Richards
Who founded the school of nursing at Johns Hopkins?
Isabel Hampton Robb
Who founded the Henry Street Settlement
Lillian Wald
Who founded the school of nursing at Massachuchetts hospital
Linda Richards
Who introduced charting?
Isabel Hampton Robb
Who founded the American Nurses Assn
Isabel Hampton Robb
Who founded the American Journal of Nursing
Isabel H. Robb
Who fought for Integration?
Mary Mahoney
Where was the first school of Midwifery established?
Who established the first college based nursing program at Teachers College, Columbia U?
Mary Adelaide Nutting
What was the first LPN school?
When and where did the Thompson school open?
1907, Brattleboro VT
The household nursing school was what?
LPN school later the SHepard-Gill school in Boston
The national league of nursing does what?
examines an d validates schools of nursing on a voluntary basis
What did the Smith Hughes act do?
1917 - gave impetus to vocational and public education.
Where did the first vocational school nursing program open?
What was the first state to license PNS?
What was the first state to make licensed LPNS mandatory
By what year did most states have laws to license practical nurses?
What does NCLEX stand for
National council licensure examination
What is the patients Bill of Rights?
Right to privacy, respectful care, informed consent, etc.
Who wrote a classic definition of nursing that the nurses purpose is to assist the individual, sick or well in the performance of activities that he would perform unaided if he had the necessare resources
Henderson (1966)
What is the ANA definition of nursing
The diagnosis and treatment of human responses to actual and potential health problems
How does the national council of state boards of nursing define nursing?
Assisting individuals or groups to maintain optimal health throught life by assessing health, extablishing a DX, planning and implementing a strategy of care
Who runs a laboratory?
What treatments are carried on in the radiology and nuclear medicine department?
Ct scan, Radiation therapy, mammography, MRI, Ultrasound
What are direct patient care therapies
Physical therapy PT Occupational therapy OT Respiratory Therapy RT Recreation and Play therapy
What are the parts of the Surgery Department?
OR, PACU/PAR Recovery Room, Holding Room, and Day Stay (DS)